Work Culture





The attire of United Federation of Teachers is business casual. During my time at the internship I dress up for every work day. The employee uniform is a blue dress shirt with the United Federation of Teachers Logo on the side. Everyone at the work place has their own desk with office supplies and/or machinery. The machinery would either be something print production related like a DI press which is used for digital images. The typical work day starts so far with doing a design project and then helping out working with the machinery. For example we would need about two thousand envelopes due at the end of the day so the whole staff and I would help get it done.

The workplace is a nine to five Job with a one hour break at one. During my break at work I would hang out with staff and get to know them better. Because of this I am often asked for help and I always accept. I really enjoy working with the people here and it’s a very comfortable friendly environment.