Collaborative Project






During my time here at UFT I’ve done many collaborative projects with my coworkers and Interns. This includes brochures , Photoshop retouching, and design work. Because of the time spent here doing these projects, I have a better understanding on how to communicate on a professional level with my partners and my boss. The assignment was to help create and organize a brochure for a photography exhibit. I learned how to create the preferred mock-up template for brochure projects used in the print production industry. Creating a successful template saves time and money when it comes to print. I communicated well with my partner and were able to utilize our strengths and weaknesses


If I didn’t know how to do a certain technique in Photoshop my partner would teach me and I would do the same for him. This was a really good communication exercise. Other work would include retouching photos and helping to create templates for posters. I learned how to laminate them as well. The printer used was an Epson Printer. It produces extremely high quality print.

Other projects have also include design work for bushiness cards and other posters that also allowed me to work in teams. Overall I’ve have a really good experience with these projects.