UFT Work Projects




The department is filled with work to do regarding design and print production. Usually when there is time, my coworker would show me how to work the machinery and see teach me how to use it optimally. I was able to to help out and learn how print production is done in the work place. One project was creating a design and have it mass produced. The project had over four thousand copies and we watched the process happen, while also packaging them by hand. It was an interesting and fun experience because now I know exactly what the printing side goes through, and what makes it easier for them to print.




Knowing exactly how its done has its advantages and getting to know what is preferred for handing in documents saves a lot of trouble for the printing side of design. Graphic Design is not only about the design but also how it is presented in the physical media. Having a strong communication with your printing company means a lot. United Federation of Teachers owns their own printing department, so the work there is solely for UFT. They have the advantage of owning their own personal department.

Here are two samples of my design work I created for clients during my time in UFT.



ANU Construction Company wanted a design for their company so I decided to create them a logo. I researched and sketched many ideas for this project. The goal was to create a unique logo that would stand out against the grain of other construction logos. I came up with the idea to go environmental. All construction has its roots , and that’s where the inspiration began.


Above Is a link to a Fish Fry poster I designed that helped a client sell out of tickets. When creating this poster I had the idea of doing minimalist design inspired by Miyuzaki films. When i thought of fish fry i thought of Ponyo and the design took off from there.