Advance Career Writing

Here is my work I have designed for my advanced career writing course.

Lipsum Design

The assignment linked above required me to design my own template using Lorem Ipsum which is placeholder text. The reason for it being in Lorem Ipsum, was to highlight the design of the document. This assignment was to demonstrate my design skills in constructing a business letter rather then the actual writing.

Tiger Oil Company

This assignment required me to not only design a template, but to write a business memo. I had to construct and write it in a way that wasn’t negative and that encouraged people to stop abusing company funds.

Avis Budget Report

The assignment given to me for this project was to respond to a costumer complaint using goodwill strategies and design. The costumer was not happy because the company switched to automated voice mail. My job was to try and convince him to see how switching benefits both him and the company.

Negative Message

Taking what i learned from using goodwill strategies, I had to write a memo that declines a suggestion about a copier. I tried to keep a positive tone through out the message using a basic memo template i constructed. I wanted the design to be simple and straightforward so that he understands why we cannot have a new copier.


The goal of this assignment was to inform company’s about a new internship program. I went with a simple clean design on this because i wanted it too look professional. I wanted the message to be clear as day. I didn’t want it too be too long or too short to convey my message.

Short Report

In this assignment I wrote a greeting memo for new freshmen students suggesting advice. I layered each information so that its easy to read. I wanted to guide the reader and help organize the information using a casual positive tone.

Brochure Assignment

For this last assignment of the semester, i designed a tri-fold brochure. I thought it would cool to design the brochure on the holiday pack the MOMA was advertising on their site. I had fun with it creatively . I used what they were advertising and the famous Starry Night Sky by Van Gogh as the background because MOMA is well known for having that piece on display.