Self Evaluation






My performance during my time here at the United Federation of Teachers has been well. I was able to solve any problems I have come across during my time here. My work has been well received and I’ve always asked questions and made sure the client is satisfied with their work. Occasionally, when there is a slow work day I would ask around and see if anyone needs any help. No matter what the problem, I will do everything I can to solve the situation. A lot of the work that is needed is photoshop retouching. I learned a lot about photoshop because of these projects. I can say I’m even more confident with photoshop then I ever was before I worked here.

I was able to help a lot of clients and even create personal designs for coworkers. My favorite part of design was seeing the smiles on peoples faces when they received their projects. it really put me in a good mood and got me going for the rest of the day.



My boss would encourage me and be honest about his opinions regarding my work. This also helped me immensely. I did a fish fry flyer project at the end of the internship which made the clients business skyrocket and hearing made me overjoyed. This reminded me why I studied graphic design in the first place, to help people and to have fun being creative.