Post 3

My major is graphic design and my internship involves mostly animation and videos editing. The work I’m doing at Hoyt St is improving some skills I have been trying to develop aside from graphic design such as video editing, illustrating and animation. The positives from this internship is that it comes with a new set of skills since the program that we are using so it’s just something else to add to my resume.

The business side of the company that I am learning about is how they manage their subscribers to their service and how they interact with their audience and take feedback from comments and emails and request they receive. They get emails directly from their site asking for things like they should do videos with this person etc. In many of the videos that are online have guest guitar players come and play the techniques that they are famously known for.

During my time at the internship I’ve never had to do any clerical duties. I’ve always spent the time working working working the only time I’m not actually doing much is when I have to render previews of some sections of the video to see how it would play in real time and this is something I’ve learned that is extremely time consuming and once you set it up to start rendering it hard to get it to stop so I’ve learned how to manga the rendering to be faster so I can see what I need to work on and move on to the next task.