Teaching Philosophy

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Librarianship is such a constantly changing profession it can be difficult to describe. As a librarian, I believe in fostering communities of learning, critical thinking, supporting academic pursuits, and the opportunities created through technology.

  • I believe that librarians are inherently teachers, and at the same time technologists, information seekers, guides, advocates, and trainers. My time as a faculty librarian at City Tech has been well spent interacting with students, faculty, and staff, assisting them in gaining knowledge, supporting their research, and to achieve their academic goals.

  • Librarians facilitate curiosity and assist others in developing critical thinking skills as well as their own. Libraries and librarians provide their communities with information literacy skills, such as searching for information, critically evaluating information, and producing information.

  • The library is a cornerstone of any academic institution. Libraries are open to all and provides students and faculty physical and virtual spaces to support their academic and research pursuits, championing the freedom of speech and inquiry. Libraries are repositories of scholarly communication that can be used to further augment collective knowledge.

  • Librarians have been traditionally early adopters of technology. This adoption is not for the sake of the library or librarians themselves, but to provide users opportunities to access and better understand emerging technologies. They can explore new devices and the future possibilities that they can bring.

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