Teaching Responsibilities

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The Ursula C. Schwerin Library supports City Tech students in their research and academic pursuits. This is accomplished by providing print materials, such as books, periodicals, and other monographs, the library’s collection of media materials, eBooks, and access to online electronic databases. These resources are selected by faculty library subject-specialists, providing research assistance in disciplines and programs of study at the college. Additionally, the library offers reference services, information literacy, research, and library instruction. Each library faculty member holds both faculty rank –for example, Assistant Professor – as well as a functional title.

As the Multimedia and Web Services Librarian, I have a number of responsibilities. Even though I do not teach in a typical classroom setting I try to instruct students in both media and web literacies.

I oversee the library’s Multimedia Resource Center (MRC), which houses the physical media collection including over 3,000 films, over 2,000 vinyl recordings, hundreds of microfilm, and limited number of CDROM and CD audio titles. The MRC also has a number of computers and AV equipment to view and use the media collection. The advent of streaming media services, and the COVID-19 pandemic of 2020, has also allowed me to oversee access to the library’s film online film offerings for remote instruction. I evaluate, catalog, and manage the circulation operations of the media collection, as well as make updates, based on the recommendations of library faculty colleagues and teaching faculty. I also supervise one IT Associate, as well as several College Assistants who work in the MRC.

In addition to overseeing the MRC, I administer, maintain, and upgrade the library’s server and website , including the library’s blog, internal staff intranet, subject research guides, and social media networks. I chair the library department’s web committee, comprised of library faculty, which directs changes to the library website.

I am the library faculty subject liaison for Computer Engineering Technology, Computer Systems Technology, Electrical and Telecommunications Engineering Technology, Entertainment Technology, and Mechanical Engineering Technology Departments. I provide subject-specific research instruction for students and faculty in the library, as well as evaluate the library’s collection those department’s subject areas, including recommending purchases for monographs, periodicals, media, and electronic databases.

Since first arriving at City Tech as a full-time faculty member at during the spring 2006 semester, I have taught many “one-shot” research classes and faculty workshops.

  1. One-shot classes primarily focus on how to conduct research using the resources available in the library. Students are expected to apply information literacy skills, evaluate information, and critically think about primary and secondary sources for research papers. These one-shot classes are for the courses that I am a subject liaison to, and are primarily taught within the library. On occasion, I have also instructed students during class sessions in the Namm, Midway, and Vorhees buildings. I typically teach 1-6 one-shot classes a semester, primarily to CST courses. During these one-shots, I provide digital research guides which are intended to assist students outside of class.

  2. Student and faculty workshops focus on specific library resources or software programs. I have applied my experience with privacy research, podcasting, website development, digital photo editing, and graphic design, to share with instructional faculty in the hopes of more effective teaching using technology. I typically instruct these 1-2 hour workshops a few times a semester.

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