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I do not teach a regular course, but I have facilitated numerous library workshops, library one-shot research courses for the CST department, a series of workshops for library faculty on how to craft their teaching portfolios, and a module to assist open education resources (OER) fellows in creating more web usable OERs.

See below for the research guides I have authored for student and faculty use. More guides I have written and co-authored can be found on the library’s research guide site.

  • Computer Engineering and Systems Technology Research Guide
    This guide was written to assist CET and CST students with research projects and assignments.

  • CST 1100
    This guide is intended for CST1100 students and is a supplement for the one-shot instruction of that course.

  • Protect Your Privacy
    This guide is a workshop supplement for City Tech students and faculty to better protect their digital privacy.

  • Teaching Portfolio Library Faculty Workshop
    I have developed a series of workshops that occur over a semester to assist librarians who do not teach regular classes on how to forge their own. Library colleagues conduct homework assignments , where they write different components of the portfolio, which are discussed at subsequent sessions.

  • Open Educational Resources (OER) Usability Module
    This module is used by the City Tech OER fellowship program to better understand how to develop OERs with usability on mind.

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