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Abubakar R. Tidal, Jr. (Junior) is currently ranked as Professor, Web Services and Multimedia Librarian at City Tech. He has held this position since 2006. During that time, he has maintained the Ursula C. Schwerin Library’s website, initiated and maintained the Library’s social media presence, as well as develop the Library’s physical and streaming media collection.

Junior Tidal. Photo by Al Vargas.
Junior Tidal. Photo by Al Vargas.

He has published numerous peer-reviewed articles and book chapters, as well as given presentations about a wide variety of research topics. His research interests include mobile web usability, accessibility, digital privacy, open source web software and more. He has published two books, Usability for the Mobile Web and Podcasting: A Practical Guide for Librarians.

He believes that librarians are inherently educators, as they assist their communities in navigating information resources, creating information products, and ultimately support users in their academic and research pursuits.

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