Future Teaching Goals

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My teaching goals run parallel with that of my efforts to improve teaching. I plan to continually improve my teaching abilities by experimenting and learning from both my library faculty colleagues and teaching faculty of the college.

With this in mind, I have committed to learn new technologies that center on audio and video editing, interactive tutorials, and self-directed research guides. The pandemic of 2020 have revealed that the future of teaching is not just restricted to face-to-face instruction, and as librarians, it is essential to keep abreast of emerging technologies to facilitate multiple learning modalities. I have already began this process, using the library’s podcast, City Tech Stories, as another tool to educate the City Tech community about our available resources.

I also plan to redesign the library’s website using participatory design. This is a practice where users of the site will directly influence the design of the website. This will be done to better incorporate the perspectives of users who self-identify as members of a marginalized group. Not only will this help me aspire to be a better teacher learning from these users, it will be a step towards equity for all.

Lastly, I would like to focus more on workshops that explore critical media literacy and digital privacy literacy. As more resources and teaching is done online, I feel that it is important to empower students with the tools to effectively evaluate information found through social media networks, blogs, and other news resources. I feel that libraries have a responsibility to students to help them identify online disinformation and misinformation from fact and truth.