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Design an ad campaign that includes three separate assets and a creative brief.

Consider how the location and purpose of the ad campaign assets would
influence your design considerations.

Learning Outcomes

  • Learn how to create an ad campaign that would be shown across multiple platforms.


  1. Final three assets will be presented along with creative brief as a .pdf presentation.
  2. Design must include a brand purpose (product, logo, iconography, ect)
  3. Design must include a call-to-action (website, social media, location, ect)
  4. Design must include a total of headlines, one headline per asset – should be largest element on ad
  5. Design must include one tagline throughout campaign (same tagline on all three assets) – should be smaller than the headline and tie together both the headline and brand purpose
  6. Design must include dominant artwork that catches the audiences eye

Due Date(s)

  • Add due dates or schedule


Example Project

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