Journal 10 photoshop express

I think adobe is always thinking ahead of its time when it comes to its programs. They find ways to make a designer’s tool easier to use and easier to access. Especially when we will in an era where we can do almost anything and everything on our phones. One example is the express editing applications created by adobe. These applications are a simplified version of Adobe’s main editing programs with an interface layout using filters to easier and faster edits. One of my personal favorites I use from time to time is photoshop express.

They give you various opinions to edit your photos. After giving the app access to all your photos in your phone’s library you make whatever you want in the app. You can make your photo own edits, with filters and adjustments, remix someone else photos that are shared in the app, copy someone else filters, retouch photos and make colleges.

I’ll give a tour with a quick edit I did in the app. I’ll use a picture with my car to give an example. I use this app a lot since I do photography and this helped create stuff in just a few minutes.

I started out by uploading an image to the app. Next came with I decided to use a theme and added a text.

I moved on to give a different look with a move vintage vibe. The next is blurring the background and changing the depth in color contrast by a bit.

After that my quick pic is done. I can save to my phone, upload to Photoshop for more advanced editing or share my edits in the public post-board adobe created in the app. It’s pretty easy and I know the app will get better over time and I definity recommend it for others to use.

Journal 8 ( Max Man Buns)

My third client is a company called “Max Man Buns”. This company creates strong elastic hair ties for men with long hair. The product comes in 12 pack 4mm hair ties, and they sell this product on Amazon as well. Additionally, I was assigned to create up to 3 Instagram grid images for their social media page.

Also, they sent what their designers came up with, so this gave me a good idea of what they were thinking so far. I have never done something like this before, even though the concept is pretty straightforward.

I decided to do two 3 by 3s and one 3 by 2s to play around with the product image the company intends to promote. I wanted to give the product’s image without just something boring that throws the product in someone’s face and tells them to buy it. I wanted to promote the company’s idea of men with long hair rocking the hair tie with style and emitting a manly atmosphere. I have long hair, and I think I look pretty cool with my hair tied, so I get the idea the company wants to showcase.

Journal Entry 9 ( Asana testing experince)

During the pandemic, remote work has become more common and our new normal. Now you work from home, create your set up, sign to whatever software is being used for your work, and coordinate with those around in remote locations through this software. The same goes for me during my internship at Get Em Tiger. When I was brought on board, my internship would be fully remote. I would be using a team management application called Asana. The application can be used on your computer and on your phone to send work, communicate with other team members and view the job for feedback. The system was pretty straightforward to use.

Over the fall semester, I communicated with my supervisor through text and this application. He would assign a task with information, details, and a due date. I would respond and get started. I try to finish a day or two before the due date so that I review things over. I’ve done fieldwork gathering content through my camera, edited them from adobe software, and sent the final product to him.  Tasks become marked as incomplete, complete, and in progress. He is aware of the completion when I send everything over and mark the task as complete. The other members in the agency can see my work, but I’m placed in a different room, so I can’t see them, kind of like Zoom’s room. The thing that is a downside is that I would still have to wait to given new assignments so I’m always checking the asana.

Get Em Tiger Agency ( Journal 7)

During my internship, I previously discussed what I was looking for when applying to different agencies in my previous journals.  I should go into more details about what I saw in them that convinced me to try my best to land this internship. Regarding my last journal entries, I required at least a couple of things off my checklist to make an effort for applying. First, I wanted it to be a small local agency so that more work could be focused on my direction instead of just shadowing and running around getting coffee. Second, I wanted their services to be within my skill range to grow more in experience for the type of designer I want to be. This means work regarding branding and advertising with a bit of web design, maybe UX/UI if the peak of my interest, which eventually did. The third thing was that their work style would reflect what I was trying to reach and ultimately perfect.


When I stumbled on their website, I knew dead on this would be a fit for me. Since I live in Florida now because of the effects of the pandemic, I needed a Florida Agency. This agency was 15 mins from my apartment, offered the design services I was looking for, and their work was what I was striving for as an upcoming designer.

In the work environment, I was welcomed to a very insightful experience. So far, I have only had contact with the creative director Max Gruber, my mentor. It’s been more of one on one occasion. I was given a chance to explore the area and work with clients one on one. I was given instructions and the task, but the way I was allowed to operate was freely beyond that point. The internship is a remote experience, and so far, I haven’t met the other interns or designers. My feedbacks have been on one with the director. I always enjoyed having the freedom to do things my way without micromanaging or someone breathing down my neck, so this internship was quick to get used to.



Adobe Max Conference

I’m so happy I got the chance to attend the Adobe Max conference. All the new software updates and features are so exciting. They opened up a new spectrum of possibilities and made it less of a hassle to jump through hoops of tools to get the results we would want. Especially all the main programs I use are easier to manage.

Hearing the different teams developing the software and their main focus is having our work be sharable on a cloud-based system. We share files with links to get feedback, making sure we get credit for our work. They talked about the Ai they use called adobe sensei. According to adobe ” Adobe Sensei is an artificial intelligence (AI) tool which integrates with the Adobe Experience Cloud – it’s designed to collapse the time between marketing ideation and execution. Sensei seamlessly connects to all of Adobe’s cloud services, and it can help you create better marketing experiences for your customers”. They added more shareable features on Behance, Behance didn’t just become a portfolio site but the type of social media one of its own now. They added stream service users can stream their work live and make money. They also created a hire me button for creatives to get work. I have Behance but never really used it much since it was a simple, comment system, I use to inspiration but now if I can do all this now I’m reconsidering cleaning my profile.

Then we talked bout the creative cloud being web-based with the new feature that lets you edit a shared file without damaging the original source. Photoshop, Behance, illustrator, lightroom, and premiere pro are heading towards more cloud-based and sharing capabilities for people to connect better.


Adobe Illustrator and photoshop got huge upgrades to work better together. An example if you move illustrator files to photoshop you can move its layers as well and they become editable too!!! Photoshop improved its selection tools and auto masking with a new tool called neural filters that can manipulate selections with ease.

One thing I thought that was super cool they added was 3D software using substance called Adobe stager. Here you can create 3d environments, objects with a lot of flexibility to create. I think this is something I definitely want to try and learn how to use since it will be something interesting. I had fun and learned so much from one day.


Gordon Parks

I believe Gordon Parks was the very definition of the saying ” A picture paints a thousand words”.  The point of photography is to open people eyes to things they never seen, tell a story or even inspire something inside of you.  Gordon chose to fight indirectly which is pretty impressive for someone the age of 25, he used this “weapon of choice” which is camera. He attacked issues including racism, poverty, urban life, and injustice. He did other things like fashion photography but his work for the people stands out the most.

I liked the invisible man, Harlem Gang leader and of course the famous Muhammad Ali. I believed he captured them in their own atmosphere as they image tells us a story. Being a photography myself I appreicate the strength of his photos.

Gordon Park Journal 5

You know there are many ways to fight against something, whether it’s indirectly or directly. If a change was a result of those efforts, then clearly you’re doing something right. Gordon Park had his method of fighting, and that was through his lens. I believe he brings up the definition of the saying “a picture paints a thousand words.”

To be someone who picked up his first camera at 25 to attack issues including racism, poverty, urban life, and injustice. He became the first African American staff photographer at Life magazine. During this time he was still fighting his own personal battle along with battles other people faced.

I would the photos that really spoke to me were the portraits of the individuals in their everyday lives. I liked the invisible man, Harlem Gang leader and the famous Muhammad Ali. I felt that he captured them in their natural state in such intense moments.

My first Networking Campaign

I decided to join a networking event at The Cooper Hewitt called” Places+ Things: Object from Detroit. The lesson this event talked about was the story objects, tell whether it’s small, big, new, or even a building. We engaged with objects to gain a deeper understand use critical thinking to observe the objects along with their purpose. We had guest speakers such as Greg VerrasG, Design Director of Watches at Shinola, and Michelle Potter also from Shinola. We first did an exercise to find an object or think of an object that has a story we like/relate to or thinking of ones we see every day. I decided to present a gold ring with Egyptian hieroglyphs given to me by my grandfather. I choose this item it reminded me of him and the stories he told me about his travels. The story behind my ring was the travels of my grandfather. Everyone had a story behind third choices as well. We started talking about different objects presented by the host. We started with an American beauty iron, made in CA, 1945. The story behind it was making household life easier with this product. We analyzed the wood, the timer, the purpose of its design. This story of this item is all the time and energy this saved to household work back then and how much things have changed since it was first created. The next object is The station agent watch by Shinola. We talked about the company’s image built behind the concept of this watch. Beautiful, luxurious, and different catches the eye of the crowd. We analyzed the packaging behind this idea to meet with the brand’s history. During this event, I slowly understood why people design them the way they do, whats impact that’s connected to the brand, what’s the story behind it is. This makes me think that I’ve thought too linear lately and I need to be more flexible when it comes to project.

Journal 3 Aj Wells Roofing and Construction

My second assignment is a local company called AJ Wells Roofing and Construction. I was sent on another field assignment to collect content to update their website. They wanted videos, photos, and of course content while they are working. I was given a shotlist of what they wanted.

AJ Shot List

I drove about 20 minutes and introduce myself once I got to their workshops. I met the owner, and two of his supervisors David and Arthur.  I was given a tour of their faculties and they told me what they do and the business they conduct.  They provide steel, cut it and build structures for housing, commercial areas, and distribute steel.

Soon I started working on my list and provided a few extra shots and video to get a full scope of the area. I wanted to catch every inch of their workshop and process. I explored their mock-ups, watched them cut steel, and saw quite a bit of their process.

Journal 2 internship Beeman Barber

Beeman Barber

My first assignment came out of the blue since it was a recent request from their client. They designed some new installments for a barbershop and they want me to take photos of them. The location is called Beeman barbershop its in a strip small located in its one-room suite. Turns out it’s run by one barber named Hari. The area brings an Asian type of culture into its atmosphere. I went over, introduced myself to Hari, and started my tasks. I spent about and 1 and a half taking photographs. viewing the products and the area. After that, I took about 2 hours editing.