Resume Feedback Journal 16

Everyone knows the importance of having a resume. According to Google, it’s defined as ” A resume is a formal document that a job applicant creates to itemize their qualifications for a position”. The best definition I received is that a resume is a short story of who you are and what are you capable are. My internship wanted to give me feedback on my resume and my website. I’m surprised I even got an internship, I mean I know my resume and website aren’t bad but still, it’s surprising.

This is the resume I used: Jerry_Neira_Designer resume 2.0

Max decided that it would be if I up my game a little. My statement should be shorter and sound more like me. He said I should be asking myself who am I? What kind of designer I should be? Why do I design? Next, I should give my experiences some breathing room and label them as clients not actually employers. My references don’t need to be there unless requested. My entire left side seemed to be full of widows and orphans. I’m not gonna lie typography isn’t my strong suit so it slipped my mind, a rookie mistake right? He did however like the color scheme.

After some critical thinking for like two weeks and Pinterest research. I knew what I wanted to do.

Designer resume 3.0

I decided that my resume should look like a designer’s resume, not some typical 9-5 deal. Moving forward with a minimalist design and the use of icons. I created sections and took into account my feedback, I wrote a real statement about someone who wants to create and design as a career and a lifestyle. I’m definitely seeing a huge change like day and night, so I would say I moved to the next level.