Revised daily schedule–end of semester

12/3 In class Revision Assignment
Sign up for Class Presentations (due 12/10, 12/12, 12/17)
*Email me if you are not in class today and you want credit for the final presentation, and I will assign you a presentation day

12/5 DUE on Open Lab: Research and Audience Assignment
Read for class: Donald Murray, “Internal Revision” (in packet)

12/10 Read for class: Donald Murray, “The Maker’s Eye”
Presentation Day 1

12/12 Presentation Day 2

12/17 DUE on Open Lab: Final Portfolios due
Presentation Day 3

12/19 Last Class


Grades on first two major assignments are on Open Lab…

…please review your first two major assignments (Literacy Narrative and Annotated Bibliography) and look at the comments and grades on your posts. If you do not see a grade for a major assignment, and you think you uploaded the assignment, let me know NOW. If you do not see a grade, that means that I do not have record of your turning in the assignment, which means you will not get credit for the assignment.

Any questions, please let me know!


Research and Audience Assignment (due Dec 5) posting instructions

For this Unit 3 major assignment, please post a one-paragraph intro before your two messages. In your intro, please give a brief description saying why your issue is important and also a justification for why you chose your two audiences to hear your messages. Finally, say why you chose the genre (medium for your message as well as the venue of publication) for each of your audiences.

Remember to include a bibliography at the end of your assignment (using proper MLA citation) with at least five sources.

Tag the Research/Audience category when you post!


Peer Review tomorrow, Nov 26

Hi all:

Reminder that for peer review tomorrow, you are responsible for bringing to class a TYPED and PRINTED copy of your document. You should bring one message to one of your audiences (basically, one half of the Research and Audience assignment).

As always, but especially on peer review days, it is important that you show up to class on time.


Revised Schedule–check back regularly for updates!

Revised Schedule:
Tues, Nov 12: Discuss Annotated Bibliography Reflection; start drafting reflection

Thurs, Nov 14: Read Kristen Roupenian, “Cat Person” (in packet)

Sunday, Nov 17: Reflection on Annotated Bibliography due on Open Lab

Tues, Nov 19: Read Ta-Nehisi Coates, “Letter to My Son” (in packet)
Due in class: research topic and question

Thurs, Nov 21: Workshopping Research Questions and Audience

Tues: Nov 26: Peer Review, bring one of your audience assignments to class (see Open Lab for more instructions)


Research and Audience Assignment–due Dec 5

Research and Audience Assignment (major assignment for Unit 3)

In this assignment, you will research an issue that you feel is important. Your job will be to identify two different audiences/communities that are impacted by your issue and then to write two different messages (one to each audience) that either persuades each audience of a particular outcome that should happen to resolve your issue OR that educates them about the dynamics of your issue. If you choose to educate your audience, think about your goal – why is education important in this context; what will new knowledge bring? Be sure to have a goal in mind when writing to each audience – what do you want to get them to do, think, or feel – and why?

You should have at least 5 references. This is a research assignment – do research to better understand your issue and what’s at stake.

Together, both messages should be 1000-1500 words.

Things to keep in mind:
• Your issue should be specific. If you are interested in researching and finding out more about immigration, for example, your issue could be a certain immigration policy that you would like to see changed and why; if your topic is vaping, you could talk about how celebrities should not endorse smoking because of its impact on teenagers.
• Your issue should be something with real consequences today – otherwise, what’s the point of you writing to your audiences?
• You should choose to write each message in a genre (email? Letter? Speech?…?) that makes sense for your audience. Be sure to write the imagined place of publication for your message to each audience.
• You should write in the tone and with the amount/type of evidence that is consistent with the genre you choose. But be sure you have at least five sources!


Unit 3 Assignments due dates

November 17: Reflection on Annotated Bibliography due on Open Lab

November 26: Peer Review in class

December 5: Research and Audience assignment* due on Open Lab

In-class Presentations of research topic – date to be assigned by instructor

December 17 Final Portfolios** due on Open Lab

*Major Unit Assignment
**Comprising revised major assignments and reflection papers (instructions to follow)


Annotated Bibliography Reflection–due Nov 17

Tag “Reflection” category when posting

Reflection Assignment on Annotated Bibliography Prompt, due on Open Lab (500 words):

Your final portfolio will ask you to reflect on your evolution as a writer this semester. In this Open Lab post, you are doing two reflections (you can use this insight in your final portfolio reflection too):

1.Revisit the annotated bibliography you posted on Open Lab.
a. Now, imagine that you were teaching someone how to write in your genre. What are 4-5 things that all of the sources in your genre share? You could think about things like: the tone of the writers; ways that your sources open or close; whether they use emotional appeals or reason appeals more often; what audiences they are trying to persuade…
b. What did you learn about your topic? This could be anything, but you could also think about the norms or values that your writers and/or their audiences hold—how can you see those values working?
c. What do you still want to learn about your topic?

2.What did you learn about yourself as a writer through this assignment?
a. What do you think your strengths are as a writer? What are you good at? Please be specific and provide an example. (This could be any part of the writing process, including brainstorming and imagining.)
b. In what ways would you like to continue to grow as a writer?
c. How do you think you could enact those changes? What do you need in order to do so?


Annotated Bibliographies–due Friday, Nov 1

Please post your annotated bibliographies here! Re-read the prompt to make sure you’ve met the assignment (remember you only need six sources, not eight!). Be sure to tag the “Annotated Bibliography” category when posting. And please put the name of your genre in the title of your post!


Due Monday, Oct 14: Rhetorical Analysis of One Text in your Chosen Genre

Here is your opportunity to practice the rhetorical analysis we started in class! After reading the Annotated Bibliography prompt, do some research and thinking before you decide which genre you want to become an expert on in Unit 2. Then, choose a text that falls within that genre and rhetorically analyze it in this post. (Check out the Annotated Bibliography prompt again to review the features within and surrounding your text that you should consider when doing your rhetorical analysis).

Be sure to identify your chosen genre in your post’s title. Oh–and check the “Rhetorical Analysis” category when publishing your post.

For extra credit, respond to 3 of your classmates’s posts, offering ways you think they could enrich their rhetorical analysis and/or recommending other texts within their genre that they might consider for their annotated bibliographies.


Revised Daily Schedule

Thurs, Oct 10: Laura Bolin Carroll, “Backpacks vs. Briefcases” (in our Course Packet)

**Mon, Oct 14: Open Lab assignment due (Rhetorical Analysis of One Text in Chosen Genre)

Tue Oct 15: “Backpacks vs. Briefcases” cont’d (re-read essay for class). Students to continue research on chosen genre in preparation of our library visit.

Thurs, Oct 17: LIBRARY VISIT: We will meet in front of the library (Namm, 4th floor) at 10:00

Tues, Oct 22: Martin Luther King, “I Have a Dream”
In class, we will practice writing summaries and continuing our practice of rhetorical analysis

Thurs, Oct 24: “I Have a Dream,” cont’d.

**Tues, Oct 29: Peer Review Annotated Bibliographies. In class, bring at least 5 full annotations of your genre texts to class (review the Annotated Bibliography prompt). Please print out two copies for class today.

Thurs, Oct 31: Reading TBD; students to continue working on annotated bibliographies

**Fri, Nov 1: Annotated Bibliographies due on Open Lab


Personal Experience Essays!

DUE Sept 12: Please post your personal anecdote/experience essays here! Be sure to consult the Unit 1 Assignment sheet (I passed this out in class and I also sent it as an attachment via email) for specifics about the prompt.

For help on writing a post: https://openlab.citytech.cuny.edu/blog/help/writing-a-post/