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English Composition 1

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Literacy Narrative

   If I were asked to write about my experiences with writing and reading like I am being asked to […] See MoreLiteracy Narrative

Annotated Bibliography

Annotated Bibliography   Genre-Short Stories   Racquel Naraysingh   In the short […] See MoreAnnotated Bibliography

Revised daily schedule--end of semester

12/3 In class Revision Assignment Sign up for Class Presentations (due 12/10, 12/12, […] See MoreRevised daily schedule--end of semester

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I relate to the fact that writing is very hard for me but a little less harder when I'm genuinely […] See More

In the self reflection annotated bibliography for hip hop lyric i learn that most hip hop song […] See More

In the self reflection annotated bibliography for hip hop lyric i learn that most hip hop song […] See More

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Rhetorical Analysis

Yasminah Carmela Jn Baptiste Raymond Pofesor: Ms. Jewell Course: English Date : October 16, 2019 Genre: News article about president Trump impeachment inquiry 2017, 2019. Source: The latest on trump impeachment inquiry. […] See MoreRhetorical Analysis

Rhetorical Analysis of one text in chosen genre

Yasminah Carmela Jn Baptiste Raymond Profesor: Ms. Jewell Course : English 1101 Date : October 12, 2019 Friday, December 02, 1955 The Montgomery advertiser newspaper. On this newspaper I’m particularly i […] See MoreRhetorical Analysis of one text in chosen genre


Hi and welcome to our course website! Here you will find many of the readings for the course, as well as further descriptions of the homework, and this is also where you'll upload your final essays! Make sure you check here regularly. See MoreHello!

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Unit1 Assignment: Personal Experience

Have you ever read Animal Farm? I believe if the first time you’ve done it was at a point in your life whereby you understand human nature, you would become forever changed by the contents of that book. I read this book in one day t […] See MoreUnit1 Assignment: Personal Experience

Unit1 Assignment: Annotate Mother Tongue

An Analysis of Amy Tan’s Mother Tongue Completed in partial fulfillment of Unit 1: Writing Your Narrative   “Language is a tool: simple truth complex idea, visual image, evoke an emotion.” Par.1 Amy Tan chose to intro […] See MoreUnit1 Assignment: Annotate Mother Tongue