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  • Rhetorical Analysis of one text in chosen genre
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    Yasminah Carmela Jn Baptiste Raymond

    Profesor: Ms. Jewell

    Course : English 1101

    Date : October 12, 2019

    Friday, December 02, 1955 The Montgomery advertiser newspaper. On this newspaper I’m particularly interested on the “Negro Jailed here for overlooking bus segragation’’ article by Joe Azbell. This test discussed about an African American women whose name was Rosa Parks was arrested in a bus buycott. This story occurred in Montgomery Alabama. Bus operator Blake notified that police officers said the negro women was sitting in the section that was reserved for white people and refusing to move to the negro section. They also said when the driver told her to seat to the back she ignored that. Officers Nixon and Day went where the bus was stopped to confirmed the drivers report. From this article I learned that drivers supposed to enforce the segragation laws. Blake authorized police to arrested Rosa Parks under a city law that give police powers to allow drivers to separate black from white people in buses. Finally Rosa Parks paid $100 for her release. Based on this article she faced the adversity of racism.

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