Jason Maselli                                                                                                 11/17/19

For the horror genre specifically short scary stories on reddit it helps also include your own experience to the story, It would give you more to write about and its possible others might have felt the same. Now this would all be up to you but I found it easier to write about things that actually had scary events occur in the story this way there is more to analyze meaning more to write about. The tone can be a big help as in most of the stories it is key to bringing the fear to the reader. It’s also better to choose a story that you like this way it’s a little more enjoyable to read over and over, and will overall make it easier. Each source shares same place of origin, Reddit. More specifically the subreddit r/nosleep. This is a place on a website where the common man and struggling writers to anyone in between share scary stories. The stories are regulated so the ones that stay up should be of quality. Most of them close with a twist that adds a shock factor like the story “Has anyone heard of a company called amped rides” the story itself may have been slightly scary and kinda left it on the border when they leave but the addition of the right handed comment really sent it over the edge allowing a true feeling of fear. Most of the stories start off after the main event of fear happened, with these opening comes the twist closing so these kinda of go hand in hand but are not always linked its just rather common when one or the other is present. These stories usually go for emotional fear as it is easier to target like losing a child, seeing dead family members and your wife trying to kill you. These things are just easier to turn into horror stories rather then a scary story of giving a presentation or heights. These stories usually don’t try to persuade anything so no one thought maybe they are aimed at people who like scary stories but still no persuasion. I learned how to analyze short scary stories on reddit. I would like to learn how to do this better.

I learned that it is still hard to write though it is less harder when the topic is something I am interested about. I also found it interesting that I procrastinate on writing assignments more than any  another assignments. I think one of my greatest strengths are imagining I’m a great writer. Now this can be very beneficial as it raises the bar and that means I would have to raise my writing skills to meet that bar and that sounds like a great motivator. The part I would most like to grow on is to take less time to write a decent essay. Like I have previously explained I do not like writing mostly because of the time it takes to write them. Sometimes it takes an hour or two to right just a couple of sentences. I would probably need to write more and learn how to actually write instead of procrastinate.

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  1. I relate to the fact that writing is very hard for me but a little less harder when I’m genuinely interested about the topic that I’m reading and writing about. Procrastination is my biggest struggle and I’m always looking for ways to motivate myself to get my assignments done and try to finish them on time. I find this method of thinking of myself as a good writer really interesting because it makes sense and sounds great and very beneficial. I’ll try this when I’m doing my next writing assignment.

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