Have you ever read Animal Farm?

I believe if the first time you’ve done it was at a point in your life whereby you understand human nature, you would become forever changed by the contents of that book. I read this book in one day the first time I read it and to this day, I’m not sure if I ate that day. I was so consumed by the storyline and the character development that understanding this book became my most important task. I needed to isolate each character in my head and understand why they did what they did as the story made me not only question my morality but definitely made me question society and what leads to what is normal and accepted. The pigs were responsible for the creation of a power dynamic and the reduction of the original ideologies of the animals after using the masses for their personal intent. Animal Farm gives the view of the animals on a farm and in the beginning highlights the hard work and terrible living conditions they undergo while the farmer is “lazing around”. The animals bond together and execute an uprising, thereby removing the apparent user. The changes in the power dynamics and the idea of who is deserving of power comes to the forefront and the way the book illustrates the new oppression resounded deeply in my spirit. I was twelve and my worldview of my country’s class structures and communities that I existed in changed.