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  • Rhetorical Analysis
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    Yasminah Carmela Jn Baptiste Raymond

    Pofesor: Ms. Jewell

    Course: English

    Date : October 16, 2019

    Genre: News article about president Trump impeachment inquiry 2017, 2019.

    Source: The latest on trump impeachment inquiry.

    The Last Investigation over President Trump

    According to the” latest on Trump impeachment inquiry”, the inquiry for the removal of the US. President is not easy for the investigators. Therefore, in October 15, 2019 the congress extended the Trumps’ withdrawal investigation from power. This was occurred in the White House. However, this source provides information for individual who want to know why it’s not easy to withdraw the US president from power. In addition, the tone can be described as informative and suspicious. The first paragraph states that White House speaker Nancy Pelosi requires to continuous with the Trump impeachment. But she doesn’t allow a full vote for that because she suspected that a corruption could made the vote in favor of the president. In addition, this source persuades the audience that some problems hamper the congress to be done fast over this investigation. For instance, the source says Trump’s lawyer Rudi Giuliani sent a letter to the White House that claims he will deny white house democrats impeachment inquiry. Then, he did that. Overall, the congress struggles over this issue.

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