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My topic is based off of racism in the sport of soccer.I am writing to the kids and pro soccer players out there that are going to soccer games and watching the games live on tv. To be aware of a big problem going on in the atmosphere of soccer which is racism not to long ago prior to me writing this there was an altercation that happen between pro soccer player Raheem Sterling and the Bulgarian soccer team. As England was winning by a big lead Bulgarian fans started shouting out racist slurs at the players manly at sterling Because of the 6-0 defeat.England has not been immune from the problem.  Chelsea fc banned six fans, one for life, after racist abuse was directed at Raheem Sterling.when it came to race relations within the sport.

UEFA has punished Bulgaria with a partial stadium closure for the match against England because of racist fan behavior during recent matches against Czech Republic and Kosovo. This calls for stadium officials to warn fans to cease any racist behavior upon a first offense. If the behavior persists, the referee is to stop the game and remove the teams from the field. Finally, the referee is to halt the game if the abuse continues. But england stayed in the match because if not it could result in an Englishforfeit.

This caused the Prime Minister Boyko Borissov to call the president of the Bulgarian Football Union to resign following the racist abuse of England players. Which was a good move on his behalf. This whole situation that happened brings me back to april 24th of 2014 barcelona vs villarreal where the opposing fans through a banana at barcelona’s right back dani alves that was going for a corner kick.These fans where using very racists chants at the brazilian native like calling him a monkey.And like telling him to go back to his country.

As well with intermilans striker romelu lukaku as he is going on the pitch multiple racist chants are thrown and for every single time that this has happened nobody gets penalized  for it .I personally feel like fifa should should step their game up and penalize the teams for not standing up against the crowd.There can be multiple ways of stopping this like penalizing or even educating the fans to stop with their racism. Because so for fifa haven’t done anything against these chants and until fifa does something they wont stop.They should at least think about the kids that are going to watch matches and what if the crowd of the team starts shouting out racist chants. 

It’s either the kid is going to be scared to even play the game or they might feel like its right to be racist which its not . Every league should use the same rules that uefa uses which is if the referee becomes aware of serious racist behaviour, or is told of it by the fourth official, he should, as a


first step, stop the game and ask for an announcement to be made requesting the public to immediately stop such racist behaviour.If the racist behaviour does not stop once the game has restarted, the referee shall suspend the match for a reasonable period of time, and ask the teams go to the dressing rooms. A further announcement shall be made to the public.if the racist conduct does not end after the game has then resumed, the referee shall definitively abandon the match as a last resort.

 The UEFA delegate will help the referee, through the fourth official, in determining whether the racist behaviour has stopped, and any decision to leave the pitch will only be taken after all other possible measures have been implemented and the impact of abandoning the match on the security of the players and public has been assessed.

But sadly these rules have only been implemented in champions league.One of the leagues that is famous for racists fans is the italian league which is serie A but have now gone to an agreement.Multiple Serie A clubs joined together to make a statement on nov 22 of 2019 to publicly recognize that there are serious problems with racism and hate speech in the league.The acceptance comes from an Italian league known for constant racist chants and discriminatory behavior. 

It’s a problem that they have not done anything to stop this over the years. Images of players being racially abused in Italian soccer  has been viewed and discussed all around the globe this season . That gives them a bad image . Racist chants have recently been aimed at Romelu Lukaku, Franck Kessie, Dalbert Henrique, Miralem Pjanic, Ronaldo Vieira, Kalidou Koulibaly and Mario Balotelli. All the players where targeted  except for Pjanic, who is Bosnian the rest are african european.England international Eniola Aluko, who will leave Juventus’ women’s squad following Saturday’s game against Fiorentina, said she as well experienced racism off the pitch in Italy on a post interview of the game.

All of these ads that fifa puts out are good in a sense to spread positivity to say fair play and to say no to racism these all have good meanings but I feel like they should at least put a little more hard work into  it to at least implement the uefa rules to every single league owned by fifa.Other leagues as well should because this has gone to far dating back to the beginning of soccer history at its peak this hurts everyone that is being judged just by their color or for not being the same skin tone I say personally to the kids to try to stay away from the negativity and to the pro soccer players to try to make a stand to fifa so they can implement stricter rules against descrimination in football about race and sexuality so we can all watch the beautiful game of soccer without having to see such filth.


These are My 5 sources are for my topic.   https://www.fifa.com/confederationscup/videos/y=2017/m=6/video=fifa-say-no-to-racism-my-game-is-fair-play-2895097.html https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=eJYhp4bqJQAhttps://www.cnn.com/2019/11/04/football/balotelli-racist-chants-football-serie-a-intl-spt/index.htmlhttps://www.youtube.com/watch?v=YHjxVsjueFMhttps://www.uefa.com/insideuefa/social-responsibility/respect/no-to-racism/

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