Reflection: Cover Letter

My genre is a cover letter. The cover letter is usually sent to the recruiter along with the resume, which is used to brief the recruiter about his motivation to apply for the position.  People write cover letters in order to get a job they like.  Since the main purpose of the cover letter is to introduce myself to the recruiter, the cover letter I shared was written in the first person.  Recruiters need to understand each other’s strengths when looking for talent.  Therefore, every cover letter requires the author to show his own strengths.  However, only the specialty is not enough to attract recruiters, but also needs enough work experience, readers can learn from my work experience, my ability to deal with special things, and my work skills.  The cover letter is intended to attract recruiters. It is obviously not enough to introduce yourself. It also requires certain skills, such as: praise the company you applied for and praise the advertisement for recruitment.  The beginning of the cover letter I shared mentioned the praise.  I learned in the topic of cover letter, I need a good diploma, my own strengths, and a wealth of work experience to find a good job.  So I plan to go to another company for an internship for a while before I find a job, to increase my knowledge.  When I write my cover letter, I need to find a way to make readers feel good about myself, so it is necessary to praise the recruiting company.  Finally, I also want to learn how to write a cover letter that is of interest to recruiters.  Because proper funny can make readers feel good about me.

Through this writing, I learned how to summarize and simplify what to express.  I think that Imagination is my strength when I was writing. For example, when I saw a report about the hygiene of a restaurant being unqualified, I can imagine the process of the chef smudging food in the cafeteria.  And not found.  I can express the same thing in different ways.  For example: “I like other people’s girlfriends” can also be said as “I like girls already have a boyfriend.”  But at the same time, I also found that I have many shortcomings.  I hope that my ability to use words and grammar will be improved. These two aspects are my weakest places.  To achieve this goal, I need to read more English books and watch English TV programs.


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