Arnelle Martinson

English  1101

Professor Jewell

November 14,2019


Annotated Bibliography Reflection


       My annotated bibliography genre was based on restaurant reviews. In the restaurant review annotations, I saw many similarities that all the sources share which is very significant in writing a restaurant review.  All of my sources share the same point of giving the audience a description of the food that is being sold at the restaurant. For example, in one of my sources it directly states the type cuisine being served which is Caribbean food and it tells the audience the specific foods to order when they visit. The second thing that all my sources share is a casual and informative tone in order to describe the restaurant. The reviewers of the restaurant also share one common dislike about the restaurant which is the high pricing of the food served.This sticks out to me because it shows that many restaurant reviewers like to have a restaurant that is affordable and not too expensive. Lastly, the restaurant reviews all share first person point of view because it describes the food and customer service based on how they feel about the restaurant’s environment. This shows that all restaurant reviews are very opinionated and biased. After looking through my annotated bibliography I learned that within my genre you need to have a claim or a well developed opinion and you need strong substantial evidence to back up that claim.  This evidence and claim will help persuade the audience to visit the restaurant or not. I don’t really have a question that remains with me.


Self Reflection


        After writing my annotated bibliography genre for restaurant reviews I realized that I have a lot to work on my writing skills. One of the hardest parts of completing this assignment was using a lot of details in order to describe what I am trying to say. I realize that when I wrote my annotated bibliography I was very vague.I feel like I could have gone more into detail and explain my reasoning better. I need to work on using more evidence to describe my work. That was a major challenge doing this annotated bibliography because it is hard when you have to express what the reviewer is trying to prove. This makes you have to look at it from a different angle without copying everything the writer mentions in order to describe the reviewer’s claim. I also feel another challenge I had  was using more vocabulary to express myself instead of using basic words such as “ good,bad, sad,etc”. In order for me to become a better writer I have to expand my vocabulary. I feel that I need to read a little more and copy down different words that I don’t understand on a daily basis and this will help me improve.. My strengths for my annotated bibliography was pinpointing the authors claim and being able to detect whether this restaurant review was well detailed and the evidence was substantial in order for it to persuade the audience.

2 thoughts on “Refection”

  1. Restaurant review is a very interesting genre for people who like to visit different restaurants to try out the various amount of cuisines of different cultures as a hobby. I personally like how you gave your own personal opinion on how these restaurant reviews can be biased and also these reviews can catch the attention of the person and might force them to try out the food.

  2. I think that your genre is very important for people who like to try new foods, me being one of those people because it gives someone insight into what is going on in a restaurant’s atmosphere. Although restaurant reviews may be very opinionated, its for the best because you don’t want to enter a restaurant that has only 1 review there needs to be multiple to make the choice of whether you would like to dine in there or not.

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