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History of Hip Hop music by:Matt Errey, English club N.D


The general of the text I read is about Hip Hop, in the text the author tells about how the Hip Hop music was founded, in this text we can see the writer uses many ethos in it, because Hip Hop music is a culture, he also separate Hip Hop into two different categories, the old school and new school, the writer also post some the the popular song to show people the culture of Hip Hop, the tone that the author used is fun.

The purpose that the author wrote this text because he wants to share this culture with people, and let people who like this culture learn the history of it, as the author said “It was created in the poorest districts of New York City by African American and Latino teenagers as part of a hip hop scene that also produced breakdancing and graffiti art.” we can see that the author is trying to spread this culture, because this is very fun to share with people;e, and we can see that the author really like Hip Hop music a lot.


Jackson Wang 2019 Breaks Down His Debut Album ‘Mirrors’: Exclusive by:Tamar Herman 2019

In this text, the author talks about one of the most famous rappers in Asia, Jackson Wang, the author tells Jacksons story, Tamar Herman 2019 “It’s been a few years now since GOT7’s Jackson Wang began releasing his solo music in 2016, first with a handful of Chinese singles and then, increasingly, music in English”, this shows that the author is trying to introduce this rapper to people, and why is he famous.

The author use logos such as some of the song from Jackson, he believes that Jackson is a good rapper, the tone of the text is exited, we can see the author trying to introduce to people about this rapper, and shows people that he is a good rapper and very well known, the way he writes this is that the author wrote it like a new, and he is like a news reporter.


The Kanye story by: Harry Dry, Kanye story N.D


In this text the author uses a lot of logos, he uses many pictures of Kanye West, the author is one of Kanye West’s fans, Harry Dry “Brexit Dating, Harry Potter Dating, Kanye West Dating. Yes Kanye West, I’m a fan.” this shows that the author was Kanye’s fan, the way he uses for his writing is autobiography, we can see that the author is telling the story between him and Kanye.

The message that the author is trying to spread is the story about Kanye, Kanye is one of the very well known rappers, and the reason why he is famous, the tone of the text is happy, we can see that he uses the picture that Kanye post, and it some time look like a fiction story.


Papillion By: Jackson Wang 2017


This is the song by Jackson Wang, in the music video, the tone is brave, Jackson Wang “Money and fame / Don’t define me, Ain’t nobody give a XXXX ’bout a rule that’s what I do, The system is the problem It made a new me Kingdom of freedom / now I’m run by me” this shows that in his video jackson is very offident about himself, we can see jackson is very brave and powerful, in the music video, Jackson also trying to spread his Chinese culture, and we can also see that Jackson is enjoying the culture of hip hop, this also shows how rappers are confident, this is a culture, where people are always trying to express their self.


Hip Hop Music and cultural movement By:Greg Taste and Alan Light, britannica 2019


The author in this text tells about how the culture of hip hop began, he also writes this text like an article, author separate rap into two different age, the old school and new school, the author use Ethos, pathos and logos, which he tells the ago how old school began and how new school music rise, he showed some pictures about some famous rapper in history, he also post the link of the music video of rap songs.

The text shows the author trying to spread this culture to other people, he thinks that hip hop is the most famous and the best jenrette tone he uses is very serious, we can see that the author really want to spread this to people, and he is enjoying this culture.


Greatest year in Hip-Hop history, Christopher pierznick, medium 2018


In this text the author tells about the best year in hip hop history, he writes this like an article, the author shows people all the year that has change in hip hop, and he write comparison between two different time period of hip hop, from where it begins to present, the tone the author uses in his writing is serious, we can see that the author is trying to make it like a lesson, and he wants the reader to better know about hip hop, and start to like hip hop.

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