Making guns less essay to get

In a community safety is an important part in human life, people always worry about how safe the community are, in the history of the United State, gun violence makes the environment of the community unsafe, it had cause violence, increase of crimes and some time open fire on locals. Communities are not just a place that people live in. It is more about the condition that people live in, in effect how much people being protected, how much people feel safe to their community. If a person living in an environment that is corrupted and dangerous, it will be hard for people to do their work and live safely, because no one wants to live in a place with a low quality of life. As individuals should focus more on the social environment that we are living,  in order to have a good lifetime and leaving our generation with a better social environment; However, some people think that banning guns is to take away their safety and freedom, but, what I mean is that we should make guns less easy to get and stop selling it to certain people, so we can make our community safer.

Safety is important, and we should make the gun harder to get, because it affects people’s condition of the social environment. We should take actions to protect our community, according to newspaper reporters Andrew Blankstein, Pete Williams, Rachel Elbaum and Elizabeth Chuckin in “NBC news” the authors said that in 2017 “A lone gunman unleashed a rapid-fire barrage of bullets from the 32nd floor of a Las Vegas hotel late Sunday, killing at least 59 people and injuring more than 500 others attending a country music festival below ). The article shows that gun violence is hurting people, it harms  the population and affected their life because if people live around that area in they will not feel safe to work, the environment is unstable and not safe, people will not go out and work, it will slow down the economic growth, people will also move out and find a better place to live, this will also cause less education and less resource people will get, we can use the city Detroit as an example, it used to be a wealthy place, but now due to the high crime rate and gun violence, now, no one is trying to live in that area. We should work with the government setting laws to make the gun less easy to get.

We should stop selling guns to certain people, because it some people will use it in a bad way, For example, according to NBC news, “17 killed in mass shooting at high school in Parkland, Florida 2018” by John McCall, the author said that “The teen gunman accused of opening fire with a semi-automatic rifle at his former high school in Parkland, Florida, has been charged with 17 counts of premeditated murder, officials said Thursday.” this shows that in some places even a 17 year old can get a gun, and open fire at his own school, in some places even a person that has a mental illness can have a chance to get a gun. When people are armed everything can happen, just like what happen in 2017 the mass shooting in Los Vegas hotel, the people who start the shooting had some mental issue, by looking at this, we should work together to make the gun hard to get, so that certain bad people will not use it, or people who have disabilities can’t get it to create crimes.

My Reflection

The genre that I choose is Hip Hop, the source I use are articles and short stories, the 4 things in common is all the source I use are all trying to promote Hip hop, I can see that the author are all using the excited tone to promote Hip Hop. Secondly, all the stuff that I read are all talking about certain artists, such as  Jackson Wang, J. Cole, Kanye West and other famous rappers, we can also see other things that are in common, we can see that the author are all showing the coffident on them self, and they are also believing that Hip Hop was the best type of music, they tell people that hip hop are getting more and more popular every year, lastly the authors all trying to show off about the music, or them self; On the other hand, there are also some differences between each source, for example, some articles are song from one of the author, some are promoting the songs from other well known artists, some of the articles are about biography for some artist, and tells the history of Hip Hop.

Moreover, some of the things that I’ve learned from the sources I pick is that Hip Hop is a part of New York’s culture, and it spread all over the world, but in some countries it is an underground thing, I learn that all the rapper and are trying to show off, they show brave and confident, which is something that I need a lot, I also learn in order to become strong, your heart should also be strong, just like the song that Jackson Wang wrote. Lastly, there are some I still want to learn from the genre, I want to learn how to be more confident, and why the rapper are showing that they are so confident, what they have bent through their life, this is also something I need to know about my self.

As a writer, though this assignment, I learned that I have to improve my self more, I should also be more confident in myself, I need to start working harder, the sources that I pick can be stronger, and more related to the genre, I also found some of my strength, I am very good at planning my time, and planning the structure, I had a hand in everything on time, But when it comes to my weakness, there are so many things I need to work on, I have learned to communicate with others, when I did the pair editing, I have to work more on my grammar and spelling, I make a lot of mistakes when I was writing, I can also improve the sources, I can find more sources that are better than what I’ve used.

In order to enact those changes, I need to read more, some I can know how to write better, I should learn more about writing because I know my selves is a horrible writer, I should learn how to write better, and make it look more professional, working harder than the pass, and I know that these are the best way I use.

Hip Hop


History of Hip Hop music by:Matt Errey, English club N.D


The general of the text I read is about Hip Hop, in the text the author tells about how the Hip Hop music was founded, in this text we can see the writer uses many ethos in it, because Hip Hop music is a culture, he also separate Hip Hop into two different categories, the old school and new school, the writer also post some the the popular song to show people the culture of Hip Hop, the tone that the author used is fun.

The purpose that the author wrote this text because he wants to share this culture with people, and let people who like this culture learn the history of it, as the author said “It was created in the poorest districts of New York City by African American and Latino teenagers as part of a hip hop scene that also produced breakdancing and graffiti art.” we can see that the author is trying to spread this culture, because this is very fun to share with people;e, and we can see that the author really like Hip Hop music a lot.


Jackson Wang 2019 Breaks Down His Debut Album ‘Mirrors’: Exclusive by:Tamar Herman 2019

In this text, the author talks about one of the most famous rappers in Asia, Jackson Wang, the author tells Jacksons story, Tamar Herman 2019 “It’s been a few years now since GOT7’s Jackson Wang began releasing his solo music in 2016, first with a handful of Chinese singles and then, increasingly, music in English”, this shows that the author is trying to introduce this rapper to people, and why is he famous.

The author use logos such as some of the song from Jackson, he believes that Jackson is a good rapper, the tone of the text is exited, we can see the author trying to introduce to people about this rapper, and shows people that he is a good rapper and very well known, the way he writes this is that the author wrote it like a new, and he is like a news reporter.


The Kanye story by: Harry Dry, Kanye story N.D


In this text the author uses a lot of logos, he uses many pictures of Kanye West, the author is one of Kanye West’s fans, Harry Dry “Brexit Dating, Harry Potter Dating, Kanye West Dating. Yes Kanye West, I’m a fan.” this shows that the author was Kanye’s fan, the way he uses for his writing is autobiography, we can see that the author is telling the story between him and Kanye.

The message that the author is trying to spread is the story about Kanye, Kanye is one of the very well known rappers, and the reason why he is famous, the tone of the text is happy, we can see that he uses the picture that Kanye post, and it some time look like a fiction story.


Papillion By: Jackson Wang 2017


This is the song by Jackson Wang, in the music video, the tone is brave, Jackson Wang “Money and fame / Don’t define me, Ain’t nobody give a XXXX ’bout a rule that’s what I do, The system is the problem It made a new me Kingdom of freedom / now I’m run by me” this shows that in his video jackson is very offident about himself, we can see jackson is very brave and powerful, in the music video, Jackson also trying to spread his Chinese culture, and we can also see that Jackson is enjoying the culture of hip hop, this also shows how rappers are confident, this is a culture, where people are always trying to express their self.


Hip Hop Music and cultural movement By:Greg Taste and Alan Light, britannica 2019


The author in this text tells about how the culture of hip hop began, he also writes this text like an article, author separate rap into two different age, the old school and new school, the author use Ethos, pathos and logos, which he tells the ago how old school began and how new school music rise, he showed some pictures about some famous rapper in history, he also post the link of the music video of rap songs.

The text shows the author trying to spread this culture to other people, he thinks that hip hop is the most famous and the best jenrette tone he uses is very serious, we can see that the author really want to spread this to people, and he is enjoying this culture.


Greatest year in Hip-Hop history, Christopher pierznick, medium 2018


In this text the author tells about the best year in hip hop history, he writes this like an article, the author shows people all the year that has change in hip hop, and he write comparison between two different time period of hip hop, from where it begins to present, the tone the author uses in his writing is serious, we can see that the author is trying to make it like a lesson, and he wants the reader to better know about hip hop, and start to like hip hop.

History of Hip Hop by Matt Errey

The general of thia text is about Hip Hop, in the text the author tells about how the Hip Hop music was founded, in this text we can see the writer uses many ethos in it, because Hip Hop music is a culture, he also separate Hip Hop into two different categories, the old school and new school, the writer also post some the the popular song to show people the culture of Hip Hop, the tone that the author used is fun, and the purpose that the author wrote this text because he wants to share this culture with people, and let people who like this culture learn the history of it, we can see that the author is trying to spread this culture, because this is very fun to share with people;e, and we can see that the author really like Hip Hop music a lot.

Literacy narrative

when I was eight years old, I came to the USA, I’ve bent put into the school after the 3rd day as I came to the United State. I realized people around me were speaking different languages other than my home language, Moreover; that I knew that to learn English in order to communicate with the people around me, I start to work hard on practicing my Enslish every saturday with my mother, a writing the word again and again, just to make sure I will  remember the word, everyday in my primary school I tried to communicate with my classmate who is around me, my teacher wanting all their students to speak English in the class, but in third grade class the teacher don’t actually teach the student that many words, differently; in my home land China the teacher teach students many vocabs and characters, we also learn to memorize the whole story, it was more difficult than the USA, so I try my best to adapt into the class, and I have to learn words with my parents.

Today, I still remembers when my mother put me into after school program every year, and she wanted me to learn as much English as possible, I hate it very much, but when I was in the after school program, the teacher taught me a lot of words, they also help me on how  to read my homework problems, I think that this is funny because the after school program actually teach more than my school class, and they teach me a lot of things, during my first summer in USA. Furthermore, in order to improve my Englsih, my mother sent me to a summer camp, I remember that every friday the class will have a test on about 20 vocabulary words, if we make one word wrong then we have to copy it 10 times for the punishment, and this helps me alot because I try my best to memorize all the words so that I don’t have to copy the word again, and I feel very happy while getting good grades, as result; after the summer champ I am being able to communicate with people using English, but even though I can communicate I was a horrible reader and writer, I think that was because in the pass while I was learning English, differently, not all the school teachers teach like this.

Before middle school,  I never try to read the books, because it was boring while reading and I was only focus on the vocabularies, in today I am still a horrible reader, when it comes to writing I were never tried to write an essay, I never reader other peoples article and learn how to write when  I first try to write a good essay is when I was in middle school, my first English teacher taught me a lot on how to write a good essay, the funny thing is that I never know what is the structure of an essay before I entered middle school, my Enslish was very kind to all her students, she had invited some students into her morning program for some additional help on speaking, reading and writing skills, me and most of  my classmates like this teacher so much, because the way she taught us, and trying to help us, she also share some of her culture will the student, and we all like to share cultures in each other, I started to love reading books in English and my writing skills are getting better and better, as now I am able to communicate with people in English and I can write good essays, I was being able to do well when I enter high school.

 overall, the reason that I learn English is because I want to communicate with different people, my experience is that I always want myself to get better and better, so I learn, when tough I still have horrible writings, what I believe the teacher in school should make the class fun, they should make the student feel relax and enjoy while learning, in school teachers don’t actually teach students english words, and I believe that the teacher should spend more time to make new students adapt to this education environment.

Malcolm X “Learning how to read”

I found so many interesting stuff in this story, in the story the author talks a lot about his experience in his like, he wrote tons of books, and the thing I found interesting that he wrote most his book when he was in prison, in the book the author also talks about racism, which showing that the author was a part of the civil  right movement, for example  his jail mate were thinking that him self is better than the author, because of this education,  what is interesting is that because of that the author start to read, and it make me start to much more smarter, it was a way that author sees the outside world,  also I like this read because how the way that author use the history even in his writing, for example, the author tells about the history about the war that happen between the Qing dynasty China and the British, the British win the war and force China to open in order for them to sell opium, even thought that the British are the one that make the mistake, this shows that the authors point of view about how white people think that them self are better that other types of people, they fore people to sign unequal treaty and sell drug to the people, over the author might want to tell people that book is the key to see the world, and people should be treated equally, no one is better than the other.

Personal Experience

When I was 8 I came to the United State, my parent start to put me after the 3rd day I came to the United States, they want me to learn learning how to speak English and learn how to write, so they sent me into many after school programs, and I hate it very much, because at the time the only thing I want is to play, one week later I realize that I don’t have much friend in school, and I know that I have to learn English in order to communicate and make friend in school, so I start to practice more English, I still remember that every saturday my mother gives me a small quiz on vocabularies, I can only play after I pass the quiz, so I work very hard to remember the work. I copied the word many time until I remembers it, and after the test I read many comics books “like diary of a wimpy kid” by Jeff Kinney and “captain underpants” by Dav Pilky, I learn the most word from both series of books, and it was very fun to watch it, I don’t feel boring while watch it and learning English words, and the summer of 2010 I have bent put into a summer camp, in the camp we have vocabulary test every friday, this improves my English level very much, and I learn tons of word at that summer, another way I learn how to read is that I play some English word game, it also helps me a lot, these is important because as a beginner we have to remember tons of words in order to communicated with other people.