Personal experience

My name is Jae Rose and I was born in kings county hospital May 3.2001. My mom and dad are role models for me because they always push me to be great. Reading in general was my weakness. I hated reading. My parents notice this from when I was young even my English teachers.From young, my parents helped me be better at reading. On weekends they would make me read a news day article from the daily news and make me summarize it . Another way they helped me sharpened my skills was learning new vocabulary words. My mom would select 10 words from a dictionary and then I I would have to know how to spell, know the meaning, and how to use it in the dictionary every week. As time went on I started to get 80s and higher on my report card. Reading and writing has played a big part in my life so far. From my elementary days to now.Many different things shaped and influenced my learning and now reading and writing have become a big part of my life. As life goes on I would hope to develop these skills even more and become an expert at it