Inspiring things about “Only Daughter.” by Sandra Cisneros

Sandra Cisneros, the only daughter with six brothers that never supported her to continue her education and made a fool of her yet, has inspired me. According to her Passage, “Only Daughter.” Cisneros claims that her father was the only one that supported her at the beginning to get into college and continuing getting her education. But all he was thinking, that college was a perfect way for girls to get married. His thoughts never stopped Cisneros achieving her goals. Even when he said, ” Why would anyone go to college and then choose to be poor? Especially someone who had always been poor.” Cisneros continued her life being independent and proves her father that she was able to make a difference. During the holiday Cisneros came back home with a published book. She has given the book to her father for him to read her work and made sure that the book was in Spanish for him to be able to understand. As he finished reading, he asked for more copies to hand it out to his relatives. Cisneros inspires me to continue following my goals even when the closest ones are stopping me. And because of does people, that are disagreeing with my thoughts such as careers, education, or lifestyles. For them to be able to understand, I would have to prove and let them see the difference.