Personal Experience

It was senior year and for English, all the students needed to write a ten page Research Paper in order to graduate. The Research Paper was based on any topic of the students choice and everyone picked a topic close to their hearts. I choose to write about climate change, in a total of 13 pages (including work cited). At first, ten pages were just too much, too hard to achieve. As I started to write down all of the causes and effects, solutions and ways to prevent climate change, it was brought to my attention that throughout my writing, I was doing pretty good. Even though I was moving at a steady pace, I still needed to do more work on my paper. In class, the teacher would add and make notice that students needed to use full words because the paper was to be formal. I didn’t  know that words little “didn’t” or can’t, couldn’t be used. It felt kind of weird in a way because those words have been apart of my vocabulary in both writing and in vocal conversations for along time. On the bright side changing all of those fragment words like couldn’t, made my paper a little longer in order to meet the page requirement. Of the use of fragment words in my vocabulary, I started to think if speaking or writing with fragment words, meant that I wasn’t using proper English. With that, if I expressed my opinion about something, does it matter as much as another person expressing their thoughts in complete words? Questioning myself has been something I’ve been doing for a long time.



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