Malcom X “Learning How To Read”

After reading the autobiography of Malcom X I can truly say that I feel inspired not only from his actions as a civil rights activist but as his thoughts on education itself. Growing up I never really knew a lot of Malcom X besides his role in the civil rights movement and how he went along with that role, never knew anything about his nationality, his background, his family and at last himself. This autobiography put more information in my mind about Malcom X compared to what I was receiving from school. Learning that he didn’t graduate high school and his last encounter with school before getting arrested was 8th grade shook me at first, I related with him when it came to being in a different environment and atmosphere mentally when reading and I also connected with him when I found out his penmanship wasn’t the best. He was connected to books and knowledge that made me changed the way I think about Malcom X. The use of diction during his speeches baffles me after learning more about him. He went out the way to ensure himself that he would be educated, then went out to educate, influence others and to express himself freely. He used to be in chains mentally and physically but the moment he was educating himself was the moment he felt free from both the mental and physical chains.

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