Blog #12 – Pantone Colors

Pantone was now requiring to pay $15 monthly subscription in order to use the colors in apps like both illustrator and photoshop. Adobe removed the supports for having free Pantone colors across the creative cloud application such as Photoshop, InDesign and illustrator. Any PSD files that have the pantone spot colors was now being display as the unwanted black in their place. This is forcing creators who is in need for access to the industry`-standard color books in order to pay for the plugin subscription. Pantone was deciding to change the business models.  According to Ashley Still , a senior vice president of digital media market states the Pantone colors books that were preloaded in the Adobe Creative cloud application were phased out from their future software update on August 2022. Now, in order to access the complete set of Pantone Color books , they are requiring customers to purchase a premium license through the Pantone Connect and must install a plug-in using the Adobe Exchange.