Blog #16 – Christmas Assignment

After sending my assignment to Jennifer, She assigned me for another one which was creating a Christmas eve Instagram post. Once she assigned me that assignment, i went straight to coming up with ideas for a Christmas Instagram post. I went on google to give me some inspiration on what i want to create.  I was seeing a lot of  Christmas trees and Christmas decoration like different colors Christmas ornaments. I even had to look up some Christmas color palette to help me get started on sketching out some Christmas. After doing some research, I started to make a few thumbnails.

I ended up just choosing the candy cane background. I started to design using my candy cane thumbnails. I was able to find a quick and small youtube tutorial on how to make a christmas tree. All i did was change the color of the ornaments to the brand color. Once i send my final work of the instagram to Jennifer, she liked it but she want to make a small change on it

Once i send my final work of the instagram to Jennifer, she liked it but she want to make a small change on it which i did the small change she was requesting


Blog #15 – Third Assignment

As soon i returned from my vacation with my family, My director Jennifer have messaged me for my next assignment which was creating more Instagram stories for public holiday for the month of December.

Once i received the assignment from Jennifer, i went straight to doing some research about each of these countries since I wasn’t as familiar with these countries. After doing some researching , i went off starting to create an quick thumbnails of what i was going to do for my Instagram stories design. I actually want to keep using the same layout I had for my first assignment but then i realize how much i want do some small changes from my first assignment so I ended up coming up with ideas but still keeping it the same.

I ended doing the same thing i did for the first assignment but i just remove the navy blue background and made stripe border i had into a background and everything else i kept the same. Now all i had to do was looking for some pictures that related to the countries. Once i did found the pictures for each different countries now all i had to do was make the layout for the Instagram stories. Once i was done, i was proud on how its turn out and i sent to my director which she was happy and thanked me for the post.


Blog #14

In this article “5 ways to get over your fear of public speaking” , Bonchek and Gonzalez explains ways that will make you overcome the fears of public speaking. It mentions that everyone wants to become a good speakers however fears tend to get in the way. It’s really easy to let fears get to you and interpret as a sign that something is going to go wrong. But in reality you don’t have to overcome those fears in order to become a good public speaker. Since that fear will never entirely go away. It’s all about having less fear. Both Mark and Mandy explains their experiences of being fear less. One of the first steps to make you fearless was to be prepared. Making sure that you have all of the materials with you so you don’t have to overthink about it. Having a checklist with you is a helpful tips just to make sure you have the details covered. Asking a friend helping you rehearsing your speech is another thing helpful. Another step is to be real. Fears can be real but sometimes its not. Having over 100 slides for a 30 minutes talk, that fear of feeling like you’re running out of time is very much likely real. We tend to be catastrophe and end up seeing things in the extreme as human beings. But we need to make sure that we be realistic about out fears. People think confidence means it will prevent anything from getting to us. But in reality vulnerability is what gives us strength. Being human is a way to connect with your audiences. You’re letting the audience get to know you through your words. You won’t connect with your audiences if you don’t enable with them. The next step is finding the things that can help you get present. All because you’re physically onstage doesn’t mean that you’re really there. Your audience will follow on what you’re thinking and feeling. Last but not least,to be fearless, you have to be generous especially to your audience. You’re sending a message to your audience as you’re giving out a message to them or giving them some kind of inspiration.

Blog #13 – My second Assignment

Jennifer assign me another extra assignment after she gave me my  first assignment which was creating a thanksgiving Instagram post. For the design , I just thought of a quick simple and cute design which i took an inspiration from their Instagram they posted for different holiday.  I even thought of combing the colors of thanksgiving for the background of the post. I even added a bunch of leaves in the background to represent the season. I went on a YouTube how to create a vector thanksgiving turkey. I decided to use a colors that represent Thanksgiving day but still keep using the color from their brand guidelines.

Blog #12 – Pantone Colors

Pantone was now requiring to pay $15 monthly subscription in order to use the colors in apps like both illustrator and photoshop. Adobe removed the supports for having free Pantone colors across the creative cloud application such as Photoshop, InDesign and illustrator. Any PSD files that have the pantone spot colors was now being display as the unwanted black in their place. This is forcing creators who is in need for access to the industry`-standard color books in order to pay for the plugin subscription. Pantone was deciding to change the business models.  According to Ashley Still , a senior vice president of digital media market states the Pantone colors books that were preloaded in the Adobe Creative cloud application were phased out from their future software update on August 2022. Now, in order to access the complete set of Pantone Color books , they are requiring customers to purchase a premium license through the Pantone Connect and must install a plug-in using the Adobe Exchange.

Blog #11 Adidas Vs Kayne West



In “Corporate America is canceling Kanye West” written by  , They talked about how during the last week many retailers , social media platforms , celebrities , fashion and entertainment companies were peeling away business alliances with the rapper Ye as known as Kanye West. During early October, Kanye was wearing a “Whites Lives Matter” shirt along dressed serveral black models in clothing that had the same phase at the YZY runaway show for  Paris Fashion week. There  was a slogan that have been linked by the Anti-defamation league to the Klu Klux Klan. During an 45 minute podcast called “Drink Champs” West made some outrageous comments that cause an actuaal financial repercussion for both him and his brand partners. During the podcast Kayne states “I can say antisemitic things, and Adidas can’t drop me. Now what?”. He even suggest that George Floyd died from an fentanyl overdose instead of police brutality.  He even repeatly say some antisemitic conspiracy theories and doubling down on them in many interviews.

Blog #10 – Networking Event #4


The next webinar that i went to watch that caught my interest was called Gamifying Training Videos with Near-Life. This webinar event was by Vyond. The speaker for this event was Mike Todd who is the CEO and founder of Near-Life which was the first ever interactive video and VR authoring tool that was for everyone. Vyond started with explaining who was Mike Todd is and what was Near-Life is. Mike started off with introducing what was Near-Life is which was an interactive authoring

Blog #9 – Networking Event #3 (Virtual #2)

The webinar that i joined during the week  was called “What has 2020 taught us about how we work?” It was by APC-NYC  Student Engagement Panel.  In this panel , it was exploring some of the changing factors for any candidates that was around the aspects of searching a remote job , networking and onboarding along with the implication for the digital natives who are entering the job marketing post graduation. This webinar was hosted by Siobhan Daukes who is the  President of advertising production club of New York along with Marko Bon , Hannah Ward and Rebecca Field.

Daukes goes off explaining about what the organization do for the students who are looking to enter the world of media , creative and advertising along working with professional who is already been familiar with the industry. She mention how one of the goals was to make easy and accessible for students in order to benefit from their amazing expertise that exist in the industry. They wanted to offer their support as early into the student’s journey. As Daukes started explaining the topic for the webinar was to prepare for the transition from an kind of structured  curriculum based environment that already been used to from the last few years being in college to the unstructured professional real world. She talks about how 2022 was filled with an crazy amount of uncertainty and had a lot of changes on how we interact with each other in the working along with remote working. Daukes  introduce to the other host Rebecca Feld who work for Omnicon health group. She goes on explaining about her backstory how she was coming from an hr background like recruiting and how she had an interest in the healthcare industry. Next person is Hannah Ward, she start introducing herself saying she was from London. She is an course manager at an sale impact academy.  She talks about how she just graduated during the year. She understands what it’s be like to be in an position where you’re starting to do your job search. She mention that back in college she did a double majors in both international and urban studies. She is now part of a remote team working with Siobhan and now fully experience to being a remote worker and understanding of the transition from college to having a role


Blog #8 – My first assignment

On November 7, my director Jennifer messaged me on the Rock messenger app, assigning me my first assignment. She wanted me to create Instagram stories for the public holidays that were coming up during the month of November from many different countries. She sent me a list of 7 other countries that was Albania, the British Virgin Islands, Chad, Congo, East Timor, Mauritania, and Panama. She gave me a deadline which was on November 19. For the first 2 days, I was coming up with ideas on how I wanted the Instagram stories to look. At the same time, I was even following the brand guidelines that Jennifer send me on the first day. The inspiration for my instagram stories  came from one of my classmates Henry. I saw Henry’s instagram stories they used on their instagram. It was a very simple design but still using the colors and fonts from their brand guideline.

There wasnt any limition just as long i was using the brand guidelines and i wanted to keep the instagram consistent. So for my design i just created an diagonal stripes along with a plain dark blue and i just add pictures of 7 different countries. I even made sure i added the public holiday names on all of them to indicate what holiday was being celebrated.

2 weeks later , These were posted on both of their instagram stories and as well their instagram.