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Welcome to my Portfolio

Hello my name is Jennielyn Aquino

Welcome to my Portfolio,

I’m a student from New York City College of Technology also known as City Tech. I’m currently studying in Communication Design planning to become a graphic designer in the future. I enjoying designing but I’m not the best in drawing but I’m pretty creative when working in adobe photoshop, illustrator, and as well InDesign. I enjoy drawing both anime and cartoon. 

First, I was studying Computer Repair during my high school years. but during my high school year, I wasn’t happy with my major I was in. I was having a hard time with my major. But after graduating from high school, I decided to pursue my dream of becoming a gaming designer. Before I enrolled in City Tech, I had no skills in drawing when I first start studying. But later on, I started to see some improvement in my drawings. They may not be the best but there is still some small improvement. Also, I have a small interest in photography. but my skills in photography aren’t professional.