Blog #14

In this article “5 ways to get over your fear of public speaking” , Bonchek and Gonzalez explains ways that will make you overcome the fears of public speaking. It mentions that everyone wants to become a good speakers however fears tend to get in the way. It’s really easy to let fears get to you and interpret as a sign that something is going to go wrong. But in reality you don’t have to overcome those fears in order to become a good public speaker. Since that fear will never entirely go away. It’s all about having less fear. Both Mark and Mandy explains their experiences of being fear less. One of the first steps to make you fearless was to be prepared. Making sure that you have all of the materials with you so you don’t have to overthink about it. Having a checklist with you is a helpful tips just to make sure you have the details covered. Asking a friend helping you rehearsing your speech is another thing helpful. Another step is to be real. Fears can be real but sometimes its not. Having over 100 slides for a 30 minutes talk, that fear of feeling like you’re running out of time is very much likely real. We tend to be catastrophe and end up seeing things in the extreme as human beings. But we need to make sure that we be realistic about out fears. People think confidence means it will prevent anything from getting to us. But in reality vulnerability is what gives us strength. Being human is a way to connect with your audiences. You’re letting the audience get to know you through your words. You won’t connect with your audiences if you don’t enable with them. The next step is finding the things that can help you get present. All because you’re physically onstage doesn’t mean that you’re really there. Your audience will follow on what you’re thinking and feeling. Last but not least,to be fearless, you have to be generous especially to your audience. You’re sending a message to your audience as you’re giving out a message to them or giving them some kind of inspiration.