Blog #15 – Third Assignment

As soon i returned from my vacation with my family, My director Jennifer have messaged me for my next assignment which was creating more Instagram stories for public holiday for the month of December.

Once i received the assignment from Jennifer, i went straight to doing some research about each of these countries since I wasn’t as familiar with these countries. After doing some researching , i went off starting to create an quick thumbnails of what i was going to do for my Instagram stories design. I actually want to keep using the same layout I had for my first assignment but then i realize how much i want do some small changes from my first assignment so I ended up coming up with ideas but still keeping it the same.

I ended doing the same thing i did for the first assignment but i just remove the navy blue background and made stripe border i had into a background and everything else i kept the same. Now all i had to do was looking for some pictures that related to the countries. Once i did found the pictures for each different countries now all i had to do was make the layout for the Instagram stories. Once i was done, i was proud on how its turn out and i sent to my director which she was happy and thanked me for the post.