Rebrand for Brooklyn Heights International Folk Dancers organization.

As a small Folk dancing organization BHIFD has a facebook page and website, that was unfortunately not up to date in many ways. They needed a complete rebranding to bring in a younger crowd for their weekly Thursday night Folk dancing sessions. Their website had broken images and not much information besides time, place and cost for admission. Evaluating these things my team came up with the idea to rebrand their logo, color scheme, create flyer templates, an instagram account with assets to utilize and a website update to help people get new information.

The type of the logo is hand lettered, we wanted bold type that can catch the viewers attention. This logo is versatile and can be switched around using the color scheme of the organization.

When creating the logo the focus was to show movement, community and of course Folk Dancing! After researching Different styles of traditional Folk Dancing, most images showed vibrant traditional dress attire and circle dancing. This was incorporated throughout the rebrand to help invoke feelings of joy, vibrancy and fun.

Brooklyn Heights International Folk Dancers
Header image for website Events page

These are some of the assets for the campaign, they can utilize for multiple projects and types.

Instagram carousel of BHIFD
Instagram carousel
Instagram profile view with posts
Header for homepage

These mockups were created to showcase how BHIFD can utilize social media to help boost performance, get more people engaged and to help towards reaching and attracting a younger and broader audience to attend their Thursday night Dance classes.

digital flyer  for Thursday night meetings
Digital Flyer for Instagram campaign

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