After just a few short months of looking everywhere in the ‘hood for a new garden site, turning over stones in all possible directions, the Hospitality Garden has a new location.  First plantings took place today with Shelita, Joslyn & Dah wei on top of Bldg #3 at the Brooklyn Navy Yard. What a site! What a view! take a look at the new pictures in the Photo Gallery

We are leasing a small corner of the roof top urban farm run by Brooklyn Grange.   Lead farmers Matt & Ben have been extremely helpful in getting us set up there and we have high hopes for tall vegetables, giant sunflowers, indeterminate tomato plants.

Stay tuned but don’t stay put. Note the gardening dates on the Calendar, and if you want to join us on the roof, email Mark:   He will give you details on where to meet in order to get up there.

per aspera ad astra

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  1. That’s fantastic news! I wonder if you’d give tours for those interested in seeing what’s growing and going on up on the roof in your garden.

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