“Hot town, summer in the City

…..back of my neck gettin dirty and gritty.”   -Lovin Spoonful

Early in the morning, while it is still cool, planting continues in the Hospitality Garden on top of bldg #3. {Pls note the previous post “New Digs” with more details on location and plans for this plot.}       We have just planted chard, kale and mustard seed along with small donated basil and globe amaranth seedlings. This on top of (well next to) the rows of misc tomatoes, herbs, bee balm, dianthus, nasturtium, marigold, chives and cape gooseberries that went in on the 22nd.

Zucchini and winter squash seeds that were put into the soil merely a week ago have come up strong, stout, healthy.  This late planting will hopefully stymie the voracious, insidious and low-lying squash vine borer that has done great harm to previous squash plants.

Note new pics in the Photo Gallery page and schedule additions in the …. the Calendar page

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