About Beer

In preparation of the lecture on beer please read and view the following:

Who makes Brooklyn Brewery Beer? Learn about Garrett Oliver

How Beer is made:

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Some history and the current state of Brooklyn Brewery, press here.

There is a difference: Ales and Lagers

There are various types of beer: types of beer

For and in-class activity: press here and pick two beer styles. Reply to this post with the beer style you are going to share with the class.




IPA, Beer

I am often asked “What is your favorite wine?”. I can’t answer that question. There is a lot to consider, food, season, mood, cost…and on and on. Beer, however, I do have one favorite it is IPA. I like the bitterness and feel it does with most foods, it transcends season and mood and cost, well, that fluctuates but, oh well, sometimes I will spend the extra dollar.



What you need to know and more can be found through these sites. Dedicated time to learning about German wines will pay off for years to come.






Fun Facts about Madeira

Taste profiles:  caramel, walnut oil, peach, hazelnut, orange peel, and burnt sugar.

A dessert wine that pairs well with dark chocolate, nuts (almonds), and berries.

Generally about 17-20% alcohol content.

Tingly sensation on the center of the tongue is due to sugar and alcohol.

Popular cooking wine, great with mushrooms.  Preferable to cook with madeira wines sold in a wine store.

Madeira has a long shelf life, temperature does not change the product.  If wine is stored correctly, wine will last up to 1 year.

The most popular style of Madeira sold in the United States is called “rainwater.”  Must be aged three years before released.