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Discussion: Reflection brainstorm

This week, we’re beginning to put everything together for the final portfolio and reflection.

To start this work, you can do things like finish any unfinished work, revise anything you feel needs more work, and collect any work so that you can link to it in your final portfolio and reflection.

You can start thinking through the work you have done this semester to write about it in your reflection. Choose one or two of the questions from the Final Portfolio and Reflection project instructions. Then write a comment in which you include the question or questions you chose and your brainstorm in response to the question. It can be a freewrite, a shitty first draft, or something more focused–just write, and keep thinking about your work!

In class, we’ll do more writing and discussing the work that goes into the final portfolio and reflection.

Here are the question you can begin to write about (but refer to the whole instructions post for the context):

  • What did you expect to learn in this class? What did you actually learn?
  • What are some notable lessons that have stuck with you after completing certain assignments?
  • How does your work from early in the semester compare to your work now?
  • What changed in your writing (and reading and thinking) as the genres changed or as you became more experienced?
  • What were your assumptions/beliefs about yourself and writing at the beginning of the semester? How have they since changed?
  • What techniques or ways of thinking about writing helped you this semester?
  • What was your experience when revising assignments? If you revised any of your assignments, be sure to identify what you changed and reflect on the changes.
  • How did feedback on your writing or other input (eg from me, classmates, tutors, librarians, your personal support team) factor into your work? What additional feedback would have been helpful?
  • What was particularly challenging for you in our course this semester and how did you overcome it (or attempt to)?
  • How did working in a First Year Learning Community with HMGT 1101 and HMGT 1102 influence the experience you had in this course?
  • What advice do you wish someone had given you to help you with this course? What difference would it have made for your learning and your writing?


  1. ia Macharashvili

    How does your early-semester work compare to your current work?
    This question would be included in my final portfolio since I have noticed some improvements in my work, with the input from my lecturers helping the most. Which brings me to my second question: how did feedback on your writing or other input (for example, from me, students, tutors, librarians, or your personal support team) influence your work? What further information would have been beneficial?

  2. Shakhzoda Obidova

    I learned a lot of things I did not know before like writing a bibliography and more and I was able to reflect on them . In the beginning of class I thought we were going to just read stories and write summaries or essays about them. As a result, I learned things that are helpful and I can use in the future. Something challenging for me in our course this semester would probably be time management because not getting my assignments on time made me procrastinate and at the end I was submitting everything last minute. Also I wish I could’ve used the time we had in our class to participate in class discussions and etc , I did to that in our shared notes didn’t really engage in open lab .

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