Sexism is prejudice,stereotyping, or discriminating against anyone. Sexism has always been a problem in our society ,especially for women. Sexism can take place everywhere,from the street,to schools,to the workplace. One example of sexism can be seen in the airline industry.Women in the airline industry are the main target .This has been a major issue for many decades but they tend to ignore and still continue with the ignorance.There were times where they were seen as a prostitute, sexualising them in the commercial videos,ads and fantasizing them.Sexual fantasies of the flight attendants are still alive and well.Some airlines have discriminatory hiring criteria based on physical features. They are told to have perfect bodies and pretty faces but they are worth much more than that. Many airlines manage them as a central profit of their “brand”,and profit from it.Another important thing is that often in the industry they don’t think women have a lot of potentials because traditionally they consist men as pilot in the powerful role and women flight attendants more like service oriented role.As someone who wants to be a flight attendant it was important for me see how women were being treated in the airline industry and what is airlines doing to prevent things like this from happening. I wanted to look more deep into it and research. I also wanted to inform and introduce the topic clearly to  my classmates

Asquith, J. (2021, June 29). From bikinis to mini-skirts, are sexist flight attendant uniforms a thing of the past? Forbes. Retrieved November 23, 2021, from

This magazine article talks about the changes that were made over the years as the times have changed but the sexism flight attendants face is still continuing until today.There are still airlines that still sexualizes cabin crews from their uniforms to makeup and hair. Apparently even the make-up and hair styling have become a compulsory part of many airline’s uniform. The article also talks about the controversial uniforms some airlines had and gives examples of how  uniforms of flight attendants caused controversies.For example the “Miniskirts on Japan’s Skymark Airlines.” They said that miniskirts were used for six-month promotion.VietJet airlines wanted their flight attendants to wear bikinis on board and have them perform a Hawaiian dance. “Hooters girls on Aircraft” a restaurant chain founded an airline and had attendants wear short shorts and tank tops. 

   In my opinion this article is the perfect example of how flight attendants  can be seen sexualized and seen as objects.Making them wear uniforms that are uncomfortable and using them as a part of the promotion of their “brand “ and to profit from them is unacceptable .The article stated that  there have been a change in the airline industry but I really don’t think nothing really has changed and  it still surprises me to see.It’s not only uncomfortable but also very risky because the chances of them getting sexually harassed on the plane by is very high.The reason for that is the uniforms barely covered flight attendants because they constantly need to perform some sort of duties like helping passengers opening and closing the bins.Information that was slightly positive the article also talked about the appropriate uniform Lufthansa airlines have.Their cabin crew is dressed in traditional clothes and obviously less controversial than the other two uniforms. Airlines should consider this specific type of uniform that way flight attendants will  feel safe  and comfortable.Overall I agree with the information that is presented in the article because they provided  detailed and simple enough information for the audience and made their points.

The tone from this source is formal  and optimistic and the purpose is to inform the audience how flight attendants are facing sexism by the airlines with their uniform policies and how they are causing controversies with their stereotyping of flight attendants.With an optimistic tone they want to feel hopeful for the changes.

Important quotations:”In summary, as with any job in 2019, there should be equal opportunities for both men and women. To break the stereotype of sexualising any such job role will allow increased strides towards equal opportunities. More so than ever, airlines are indeed making progress with this but there is still a long way to go.”

Keywords: sexual harrasments,controversies,uniforms,equal opportunities .

PBS NewsHour.(2018).How a history of sexism in the airline industry echoes today. YouTube.

In the interview video Sara Nelson,United Airlines Flight attendant talks about sexism in the airline industry.Nelson talks about how flight attendants have had to face being defined as sex objects on the job and gives examples of how there were ads like the  “I’m Cheryl,fly me” or hot pants and go-go boots.She said that was the image to the public,that’s how people viewed them like objects.It is very important when Nelson shares the time when she talked with other flight attendants about their experience they face while working  and every one of them responded saying “yes” that they have experience sexism on the job,sexual harrassment and even sexual assault every single day. She also states that in her 22 years of working the airlines never taught them or inform them on how to deal with sexual harassment or abuse when they’re working.The video also provided survey results for example “86% uncertain or no knowledge of guidance on passenger-on-passenger sexual assault”.

The reason why I chose this interview video is because she has been working in this industry for 22 years and every word she’s sharing is coming from  what she went through,experienced,witnessed and heard. I agree with a lot of things she talked about for example when she talked about her senior colleague’s advice to her,She told her “no one is going to look out for you ,care about you other than your flying partners.No one is going to have respect for you ,other than your other flying partners.Management in here thinks of you as their wives or their mistresses and they hold you in contempt. “ It’s true no one is going to have respect for you other than your flying partners because they’re the ones who know what is right and wrong,will respect you because you and them are in the same position facing the same issues everyday and sharing them with each other while supporting one another .Something Nelson said that stood out to me the most was when the interviewer asked “Why do you think more CEO’s or airlines  have not come forward to talk about this “ and she responded with “The airline industry is run by man,there’s not a single women who serves as the CEO in the airline industry  “. This just says a lot about this issue. Not a single women is a CEO is just unbelievable because our society don’t see potentials in women well mostly men because they are afraid women are going to take over or think women don’t suit the being a CEO,just like the pilot problem I mentioned in the above .This is an answer to why there are fewer female pilots.

The tone in the video is formal,trustworthy,optimistic and cautionary.The genre of the source is journalism and a dialogue.The purpose of the interview is to inform and bring awareness to sexism in the airline industry and mostly to bring awareness to how flight attendants face sexism when they’re working.

Important quotation: ”We want to work with the industry.Our message to them is work with us now , there’s no way we can go back and fix what happened before but we do need to announce that a new era and set new marker here.Move forward with clear parameters to address the issue.”

Keywords: respect,experiences,new era.

Anisha,M(2019,July 2022).Sexism in the Air:Female Flight Attendants Await Their Feminist Revolution. Feminism In India.

This article talks about the sexist advertisements for recruitment of cabin crew for Air India. The advertisement mentions sexist requirements in order to to be a flight attendant for the airline.The whole point of this requirements and for flight attendants to be perfect is to catch men’s attention so they can have a enjoyable flight.It even goes on further to talk about how they even go far to examine unmarried women because they want flight attendants to be also available to male passengers.The airlines are so biased towards their male customers that they even go further to make flight attendants feel like they are prostitutes just working there to satisfy only men.Another requirement Air India has is the weight  and physical feature requirements. If you don’t pass the weight requirement you won’t be able to work and if you have some kind of scars,pimples,acne on your face then you won’t be allowed to be interviewed.

In my opinion this article shows how much discrimination they have agaisnt women.They are expecting a lot of things.The information the author states is so informative and important and it is to make the audience realize how absurd this reuqirements are that Air India have. What does weight have to do with the requirmennts.In the article it states “ Weight doesn’t affect the ability of a female flight attendant to be polite to the passengers and to be alert in critical situations. Weight is not an infectious disease and the female flight attendants are not models who should be expected to catwalk on the cramped aisle.” I very much agree with this statement, flight attendants are not models nor someone who can pleasure men.They are here to work and not to please men. This article is another proof of how sexism in the airline industry is still an ongoing issue and serious but no one seems to care about it or make changes.Why would they even bother ? It’s been decades and flight attendants are still being sexualized .They are being  referred to as sexual objects and at this point not a flight attendant.Needless to say, these kind of policies only reinforce destructive attitudes to women working in the airline industry. It’s no surprise then that female flight attendants experience high rates of sexual harassment, discrimination and assault.

The source “Feminism in India “ is a set of movements aimed at defining, establishing, and defending equal political, economic, and social rights and opportunities for women in India.The tone of this is article is serious ,clear and outraged.

Quotation:”Why are looks the cardinal requirement in the aviation industry? The answer lies in the passenger composition. Air travel is expensive and it was assumed that only men can afford to travel by flight. The aviation industry has a history of being sexist, to appease the gaze of male passengers and provide a ‘pleasurable’ travel experience.”

Keywords: requirements,recruitment, pleasurable .

Atlantic Records. (2011).She doesn’t mind. Youtube .

Sean Paul – She Doesn’t Mind (Official Video)

In this music video “She doesn’t mind “ by Sean Paul,nicely demonstrates the sexual fantasies of the flight attendant.It features a Sean Paul surrounded by gyrating flight attendants whose skirts are too short ,their tops are too revealing .In the video it also shows scenes of them dancing in  flight attendants uniforms with Sean Paul.Not only that but it also shows “sexy”female security officers at the airports and fantasizing them.Also the repetition of the lyrics “no she doesn’t mind,she doesn’t mind “ says a lot about the music video itself.

In my opinion I think this video perfectly expresses and shows flight attendants being fantasized.Something that seemed interesting in the video is how there’s a girl going through security,it seemed like she needed to give something to him and at the end where they were drinking she passes the item to him.So if she went through security with that item ,how did she get past them?.There were only girls in the airport and were being checked over.There was no guys. Now at first you don’t really pay attention to the meaning behind the clips but then you start to wonder what is the point of  flight attendants being on the video. To me it obviously means more than flight attendants being in the video,it means that they are being sexualized and fantasized I would say .

The tone of the music video is catchy and joyful to the audience and listener’s.Now im not really sure what’s the purpose of this music is about but its definitely flight attendants being sexualized.

Keywords:gyrating,fantasy,revealing uniforms.

Quotation:” No, she doesn’t mind (aight) she doesn’t mind (aight) she doesn’t mind, girl I got you so!”

To sum up, while writing this annotated bibliography I really learned a lot about how sexism is affecting flight attendants and other women in aviation.I learned that women have a lot of courage and are strong enough to face all the criticisms because that will only make them stronger.My main audience that I’m trying to reach out and inform them about this issue would be the hospitality professional and hospitality community at City Tech. I want to inform them that flight attendants are much more than those the media portrays them . I learned the pros and cons of flight attendants,how airlines were treating cabin crews to the point where they were using them as advertisements to promote their brand. I would say it encouraged me even more to become a flight attendant and fight for those who are afraid to speak up.. Overall the information I learned about was so helpful and hopefully my audience find this helpful as well and plan on informing this issue to other people.