Final Blog Post: This sure brings a tear to my eyes…

So, for my final project, I wanted to do a platform game with side scrolling action in which the screen would just follow your player and proceed from start to finish. Well, I got the fundamentals down.

I managed to get the base of the player to detect the platform, and recognize them enough to jump platform to platform. The catch? I managed to make my character’s jump seem like the pursuit of flight. Although it’s not very much of a pursuit as he/she can definitely succeed if you try. Or not try.

What I can try to do and pursue to change it is to fix that problem with the jump. I could also try and look into the whole side-scrolling mechanic and maybe put more effort into it. It may seem simple but I was really proud to even get it to land on a bloody platform.

I would just like to say thank you to Calli and to the class. Before the class, my general impression of coding is similar to the concept of ripping open the cranium and jam the pulsating brain into the microwave and watch it spark and melt with the radiation. But now, I would have to say that I feel the same way, but you made it seem fancy. And that’s a step forward. I guess. So thank you very much for opening my eyes. I’ve learned.

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