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For My Final Project I Wanted To Make The Game Bricks Breaker Just Like The Game Off Of The Blackberry Phone.

Ā I Set Out To Create The Basic Purpose Of The Game. Break All The Bricks With The Ball. All Though IĀ didn’tĀ Make My Game As Advanced As theĀ RegularĀ Game withĀ multipleĀ Levels, I Was Able To Create What I Set Out For. At First IĀ Didn’tĀ Think I Would Have Been Able To Complete The Game because i did face a few issues.

A Few Problems I Was Faced with While Making the game was the alignment of the bricks and the collision testing. Making The Class For The Paddle, The Ball And The Brick Object it Self Was pretty easy. When It Came Down To Putting The Bricks In An Array List Was Where I Began To Face The Difficult Issues. Because The Arraylist Allows you to add and remove objects with different interaction i thought that would be the best choice of code to use, I had problems with the for loop of the array list for the bricks because it was hard in the beginning understanding how to use the i variable in the array list with the rows and col for each object but i was able to eventually figure it out.

I also had a problem trying to do the collision testing with the paddle and the bricks against the ball. because the ball uses radius unlike the rectangle objects it was a bit more confusing, but with help i was also able to tweak the collision test for the ball and paddle and use that to help with the paddle and bricks collision test as well and use the array list to remove the bricks with the collision of the ball and bricks.

All in All i was able to create a very simple version of the game but it did exactly what it was suppose to do && Im pretty happy with the outcome and the completion of the game.



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