Midterm summary

~~seems like it didnt load properl .heres the link to the actual sketch
http://www.openprocessing.org/sketch/94011 ~~~~~~

so it was a first time experience creating something using CODES it was pretty exciting.My first creation… Code breaker…even though its not perfect i resembles the game very much. The hardest thing for me while doing this project was the collision and the if statement had me so confused felt like giving up after days of trying and no results.But thanks to our awesome and fearless proffesor i got to accomplish my goal 😀 thank u calli. If i could change anything…i would make it more how you say…engaging…instead of the ball going in one direction….have it go in different directions and instead of a whole brick layer banishing its just one…and last but not least some POWER UPS…lazers…and some tricky ones aswell that would challenge the user in a way or two.

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