Midterm Project

My Midterm project is suppose to be a clicking game involving a bunch of rabbits moving around the screen. The main objective is to click on all of the rabbits until they’ve changed color under a certain period of time.

The problem is, I had trouble trying to create a color and getting one color to stick on each rabbit. Originally, I had wanted to give this game a bit of a challenge. Rather than change color, it was suppose to be a game where you click on the rabbits until they disappear. And since rabbits tend to multiply, more would begin to pop up after each round or a set amount of time. But again, I had a the problem where if one rabbit is click, they all would disappear.

I’ve tried to upload my midterm project in Open Processing, but my none of my rabbits seem to be appearing?

a screen shot of what should be appearing on on the screen:

and here’s the link the actual rabbit image since the image is huge and this post is considerably long enough.

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