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April 13th Assignment

1. The past year has changed me based on not taking things for granted because it can be taken away from you within an instant. It challenged me to read. I used to love to read within my teenage years, but since adult hood started I haven’t been reading as I previously would have. It also challenged me to cook! Something I used to never do but now loves to do. My favorite dish at the moment is creamy beef and shells, Yum !

2. I intend to be completely specific concerning that aspect of the assignment by just being real and honest. I intend to speak about things that truly affected me throughout the year and also how I’ve overcome those obstacles and what strategies  I thought was best to use.

3. I think a video of myself reciting a poem would be best for myself to use. No one can speak on my experiences through out the better than myself so why not speak being myself. Although I will be speaking using my own voice I will use some secondary sources to help me better describe the situation on what I’m trying to say.

4.  There’s always a list of concerns concerning my research assignments, but I believe my major concern within this assignment will be using the proper intellectual words while stating my poem. This is something new to me that I’ve never done before, but I’m very excited to try it out. I Just hope I’m able to do the assignment correctly and efficiently.

April 8th In Class Assignment

1. I spent the majority of the year ( throughout the pandemic) working. I actually worked more than I’ve ever worked before to be completely honest, but I didn’t mind. I know as an essential worker I was very much needed.

2. One of the first things that I plan to do after quarantine is to go traveling. I love to travel ! There’s so many places on planet earth that’s worth exploring and discovering. I also plan to go to the movies. The movies is actually one of my favorite places to go to. Rather if it’s to go out with friends or date night.

3. Songs that matter to me the most are surprising the same songs that I’ve listed to before the pandemic. My Song choices haven’t really changed, In Fact my music was a major part of me getting through this pandemic and the challenges that I’ve faced because of it. My favorite song choices are usually R&B/Early 2000 music selections.

4. I would have to say yes and no. Sometimes humor can help you get through the most difficult situations, but also there’s still a lot of hurt there through that sunshine smile. I think it’s best to talk about does horrible situations instead of hiding it through a smile. I believe the more you speak on it, the more the situation will start to ease up slowly.

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