Being in Brooklyn

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Being in Brooklyn
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ENG 1101
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Fall 2013
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Prof. Justin Davis, SPE 1330
Prof. Jody Rosen, ENG 1101

Brooklyn is a collection of neighborhoods and location, a microcosm of the world. This semester our Being in Brooklyn Learning Community will explore Brooklyn through archives at the Brooklyn Historical Society and library research, integrating our own experiences in the City Tech vicinity. Our goal is to communicate effectively, through reading and writing and listening and speaking, what it means to exist in Brooklyn. We will use a variety of approaches including spoken and written assignments that employ Web 2.0 technologies including City Tech’s OpenLab digital platform as well as YouTube and Google Maps. These assignments will create a digital archive of life in Brooklyn that will be available to explore in the future.

The course avatar is a map of Brooklyn and vicinity published by Rand McNally in 1897 as part of their Atlas of the World, courtesy of Wikimedia. Find it at


This course was created by: Jody R. Rosen

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