Being in Brooklyn

After taking my walk in Brooklyn I chose Brooklyn Borough Hall for my location. I see this building everyday when coming out of the train station on my way to school so it sparked my interest. It is located in front of Columbus Park which is right behind City Tech. By walking up Johnson St and making a left onto Adams St the building and park will both come into view. This building was originally the City Hall of the City of Brooklyn in 1848, before it merged with the City of New York in 1898.I decided to choose this building because it is one of the few historic buildings around the area.

The building’s changes since it was first built to now represents a juxtaposition. Borough hall was completed in 1848 which, i could tell by the greek revival architectural style. It does not fit in with the many modern ones surrounding it. The building is not easy to miss because of it’s beautiful architecture. You first notice the Tuckahoe marble, then the long front steps, and last the cupola with the marvelous figure of Lady Justice. Also, the building went from being “City Hall” to now “Borough hall”. This was an important building for Brooklyn city government, which has now been added to the National Register of Historic Places.

In “City Limits” by Colson Whiteman from The Colossus of New York Whiteman says “you start building your private New York the first time you lay eyes on it.” By walking past this building everyday it has become part of my own New York. i can also relate to the quote “Never listen to what people tell you about the old New York, because if you didn’t witness it, it is not part of your New York and might as well be Jersey.” Whiteman is saying that these buildings, restaurants and shops that surround you are part of your New York because you witnessed them, anything that was there before is not. This Borough hall building is part of my New York now, not the old Brooklyn City Hall building it was considered to be.