Project1- Bio

My name is Pamela Santana and i am 18 years old. Many people call me pam for short. I graduated from Dewitt Clinton High School last june which is located in the Bronx. I am currently a Freshman at City tech. Even though I go to school in Brooklyn i was born and raised in the Bronx. City Tech is very far from my home but I chose to attend this college because I thought it would be better for me. I’m a Hospitality management major and I am hoping that I enjoy taking the required courses for this major during this year. I am hoping to do extremely well my first year in City tech so that I am able to transfer by next. I have been working really hard in my classes.

At first i could not think of what my avatar could be, but then I decided it should be something that i really enjoy. That is why i chose to pick a ballerina icon as my avatar. Since I love to dance and I have taken ballet classes since I was a child this would be a great pick for my avatar. It is something that I am very passionate about and would like to show on my profile.


My avatar could be interpreted differently because people might not take me as serious. Since dancing is not something that many people would actually take serious. I still decided to go ahead and use this avatar because it is something that represents me in the best way possible and is important to me.


I believe that my profile would convey that I am a hard worker and interesting person. Since in my bio I included how I am trying my hardest in my classes. Since my avatar is of a ballerina and they are such hard workers I would expect people to think this. Also, my opinion dancing is very interesting so maybe others would see it this way. What my profile convey is very important to me because I would not want people to interpret me the wrong way. I hope that it will actually convey what I expect it to.

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