Project #5- Summary

The Brooklyn Bridge is one of the beautiful landmarks in New York. Built by so many workers with so much hard work this bridge is the one of the oldest suspension bridges in the United States. According to the World Steel Association it’s the first steel wire bridge ever built in the whole world. It is 1,595 feet long. The designer of this bridge John Roebling died because of a foot injury which leaded to an infection. His son Washington Roebling then took over the work but unfortunately died later on also from a disease. This bridge stands out to most attractive tourist sites in New York. There have been many stories of people who jumped from the bridge. Films have also been shot on the bridge. Giorgio Pessi piloted a Caproni Ca.5 under the bridge. The bridge has also had anniversary celebrations which held for about 5 days. Many American poets also use to Brooklyn Bridge in their poetry. As of being New Yorkers we should have some knowledge of the bridge and of other famous historical buildings our states has. We should also go visit these historical areas instead of leaving them abandoned and also enjoy the beauty our state has.


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