Being in Brooklyn

My location for Project #2 is the Brooklyn Bridge. This was the place I chose because it is a place in Brooklyn that you should absolutely see and visit if you haven’t already. The Brooklyn bridge sees a lot of activity during all times of the day, and is also one of the biggest structures in all of the five boroughs. To get to the Brooklyn bridge from City Tech you have to head north on jay street toward Tilary street, then you take a left  on Tilary street and walk down that block until you hit the Brooklyn Bridge. I noticed a lot of different things while I was walking there like a park in which lots of kids where playing basket ball. I also noticed a merging of old in new in the area like new buildings mixed with old town houses and it really drove home the fact that Brooklyn to me is both old and new. The mixing of old and new houses really gives the area around the Brooklyn bridge and even the Brooklyn Bridge itself a good juxtaposition. The bridge and cars are juxtaposed in the fact the bridge being so old and the cars being so new and more technologically advanced, it just makes the contrast between the two things stand out a considerable amount. Another juxtaposition in the area is the bridge itself compared to the surrounding houses, stores, and parks. There are brand new condos by the Brooklyn bridge and they really stand out next to the Brooklyn bridge. Some of the businesses around the Brooklyn bridge as well are juxtaposed because one of the stores around the Brooklyn bridge was a Radio Shack and that store sells technology that would have never been around in the time the Brooklyn bridge was built, like cell phones, and computers. There are also a lot of instances in which the surroundings of the Brooklyn bridge can’t be juxtaposed like a lot of the buildings are still very old but they’re trying to modernize the area more. When I visited the Brooklyn bridge and the surrounding areas there were a couple of quotes from our readings that really stood out to me. The first was From a reading we did in class called A Literary Visitor Strolls in from the Airport by: Charles McGrath and he says “Maybe we’ll feel better when we get to the Brooklyn bridge.” and its true I did feel a lot better walking around and then finally getting to the Brooklyn bridge and looking at just how cool it really is up close. Overall I really enjoyed doing this project as it made me see Brooklyn in a way I would have never seen in the first place.